Rhin Premiere “Clay” and Announce New LP Passenger


Not that Passenger doesn’t have its all-out assault moments. Plenty of them, in fact, but as the track premiere below makes plain, there continues to be more behind the attack of West Virginian trio Rhin than a single angle of approach. That’s true on bouncing, grunge-styled closer “Bad Timing” as much as “Clay” (which you can hear below) and even opener and shortest track “Uncle Tuck,” which peppers its noise rock insistence with a thicker-toned edge that continues through the rolling “Unwell” and “Drag My Feet,” the trio’s attack only broadening as the record plays out its cut (you) and run 33-minute span.

Rhin today announce the May 6 release of Passenger through respected Baltimore purveyors Grimoire Records, who also handled the band’s 2014 sophomore outing, Bastard (review here), and in representing the varied crux of the band’s furies, “Clay” does well to give a sense of where they’re coming from. Mid-paced compared to songs like “Uncle Tuck” and “Basement,” which follows, it answers the more expansive feel of centerpiece “Snivlem” and finds a place for itself between heavy rock groove and noise intensity that doesn’t necessarily ever slow itself down long enough to fall into the trap of being sludge. A bass break toward the middle sets up a shift into a crash-wash build that offers some surprising melody to go with all that push.

“Bad Timing” echoes some similar sentiments, but Rhin are neither ready nor willing to let go of their aggressive charge at this stage. Whether or not they get there eventually is anyone’s best guess, but the blend they offer on Passenger and the vitality with which they offer it, having recorded in “basically one take” (I love that) with Grimoire‘s Noel Mueller this past fall, result in an album that’s frenetic at times but not at all simply flailing without purpose.

You can hear for yourself in checking out “Clay” on the player that follows the album artwork by Ben Proudman and the announcement from Grimoire, which follows here:

It’s another a massive slab of riffs by Rhin called “Passenger.” It’s their 34 minute follow-up to their first 2014 release “Bastard”, this time on sweet, sweet vinyl!

Yet again, these 3 super talented dudes rip through 7 tracks of grungy rock n’roll reminiscent of The Melvins, Fu Manchu, Unsane and early Helmet. Tempos range from punk fast to doom slow and everything in between, while always keeping it ultra heavy and catchy.

The release date for “Passenger” is 05/06/16 on random splatter vinyl pressed by Gotta Groove Records, and pro-cassette by National Audio Company, with CD coming shortly after.

Rhin is Dom (bass/vocals), Ben (drums) and Tuck (guitar).

“Passenger” was recorded on October 24th, 2015 by Noel Mueller, in basically one take. Mixed and mastered by Noel Mueller. Artwork by Ben Proudman. © 2016 Grimoire Records.


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