Tombstoned Release II on April 22


Not to be confused with Norwegian outfit Tombstones, Finnish trio Tombstoned are gearing up to release their aptly-titled second album, II, on April 22 via Svart Records. The swing-heavy doom rockers made their debut in 2013 and played Roadburn that year to mark the occasion, and they’ve posted up the new song “And I Told You” to herald the LP’s coming, as well as unveiling the art and tracklisting. From the look of the cover, I’m thinking it’ll be a holographic cover, metallic ink or whatnot, but either way it’s cool looking and freaked out, and listening to “And I Told You,” I’m getting pretty much the same vibe.

Bottom line? Svart inch ever closer to being completely unfuckwithable. Gonna look forward to checking this out. If you want to get into it, here’s PR wire info:


TOMBSTONED set release date for new SVART album, premiere first track

What’s in a name? With Tombstoned, EVERYTHING. These Finnish funereal directors of rocking doom made a big splash with their self-titled debut album, released in 2013 by Svart Records, which garnered them a spot at Roadburn that year – curated by huge fan / Electric Wizard mainman Jus Oborn, no less – and reaped critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. And now, on April 22nd, Tombstoned return to better that debut with II, set to be released again by Svart on CD, LP, and digital formats.

If Tombstoned was the brash opening statement, then II is the more focused consolidation of strengths. By the band’s own admission, Tombstoned’s opening salvo crammed nearly every influence they possessed into every song, making for a wild, jam-oriented spin. Here on II, with the band members now living in different countries, the process was more composed, resulting in tight, earth-shaking songs of molten, magnanimous molten might. Still within the boundaries of stoner doom, Tombstoned sought with II to take a more personal approach and express the harsh times they’ve been living recently, resulting in a lumbering celebration of slow-motion darkness. Additionally, the vocals have strayed from the usual Sabbath-inspired drawl to one of a gloomier post-punk aspect, furthering the band’s agenda to expand upon the stoner doom subgenre.

With a pallete like this, capturing the mood is of the utmost importance. And yet, when it came time to mix II, the studio engineer asked Tombstoned for reference records and nobody could think of any. Nevertheless, the band went with a simple, totally analog approach to production, capturing everything on vintage outboard gear and recording on reel tape. The result is a record equally warm as Tombstoned, but inducing bigger and deeper goosebumps. Dark times call for dark music, and Tombstoned have survived the grave to deliver II.

Tracklisting for Tombstoned’s II
1. Pretending to Live
2. Brainwashed Since Birth
3. Time Travels
4. And I Told You
5. Haven’t We Seen All This Before
6. You Can Always Close Your Eyes
7. Remedies

Tombstoned, “And I Told You” from II

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