Phantom Glue to Release 776 May 13

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This should be a short conversation. Here’s how it goes:

I say something like, “Hey yo, there’s new Phantom Glue coming out.”

And you answer, “Ah, no shit? That’s cool, I’ll check that out for sure.”

Because after two killer outings in 2013’s A War of Light Cones (review here) and their 2009/2010 self-titled debut (review here), it should be readily apparent that a third offering is a prospect worthy of note. So, uh, note it. May 13 is the release date for what’s been quizzically titled 776. It’ll be out via Negative Fun Records, which also stood behind a 2014 reissue of the band’s 2006 demo, Angels of Meth (track stream here), and I’ll just hope to have more on it before that day comes, because, you know, gotta keep the conversation going and whatnot.

The PR wire sent art and details:

phantom glue 776

Phantom Glue announce third full length – 776

Negative Fun Records and Phantom Glue are pleased to announce the band’s long awaited third album. 776 is scheduled for release on Friday, May 13th 2016. This is Phantom Glue’s first full length release since 2013’s critically acclaimed “A War Of Light Cones” (Black Market Activities). Look for song premieres and pre-order information soon.

Over the course of their nearly 15 year existence, Boston, MA’s Phantom Glue have managed to integrate influences as seemingly disparate as noise rock, death metal and sludge/doom into a cohesive sound. The band are as likely to reference Unwound as they are Morbid Angel and Neurosis.

Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Matt Oates’ vision of a mythological occult history (and apocalyptic future) of the Americas formed the basis for his lyrics and artwork, creating the aesthetic which has run through each of Phantom Glue’s releases. The third album’s title—776, explores an unwritten history of the United States a millennium before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

1. Ion Cloud
2. Hundred Hand
3. Somatic
4. A Worker-less Mill
5. Suttungr
6. Hocheims War
7. Gog Is Dead

mike.gowell – guitar
matt.oates – vocals/guitar
nick.wolf – bass/vocals
dana.filloon – drums

Phantom Glue, A War of Light Cones

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