Stone Machine Electric Release Sollicitus es Veritatem May 17

How’s your Latin? I ask because Tejas twosome Stone Machine Electric are calling their new record Sollicitus es Veritatem, and the title translates to “nightmares are reality,” which if you’re paying attention, is even more ominous than what they called their last EP, which was The Amazing Terror (review here). At least that had some kind of element of spectacle to it — the terror was amazing! — but Sollicitus Es Veritatem sounds more purely dark, and given the band’s jammy nature, I’m interested to hear how that pans out in their sound, or if it does at all.

That most recent offering came out in November, and its material was a root precursor for the impending LP, but just how much so, I’m not sure. The duo of guitarist William “Dub” Irvin and drummer/thereminist Mark Kitchens recorded once again with Wo Fat‘s Kent Stump, so we know for sure that whatever comes, the tones will be right on. As to the rest, it’s fun to speculate.

They sent the following cover and info down the PR wire:

Stone Machine Electric Sollicitus Es Veritatem

STONE MACHINE ELECTRIC – Sollicitus Es Veritatem

Texas heavy duo, Stone Machine Electric, have finished recording their next full-length release. Recorded at Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas, TX with none other than Kent Stump of Wo Fat manning the controls, the band has taken this release a step further into their weird realm.

Sollicitus Es Veritatem (Latin translation of “nightmares are reality”) takes the extended jam feel of The Garage Tape and twists them into five tracks of heady goodness. Clocking in around sixty minutes, this release brings in the listener and holds them until the end.

Track Listing:
I Am Fire
I Am Fire (Slightly Burned)

Sollicitus Es Veritatem will be self-released digitally and on CD May 17, 2016. If you’d like it released on vinyl, please contact the band or favorite label.

Stone Machine Electric, The Amazing Terror (2015)

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