Heavy Temple Release Type O Negative Cover “Love You to Death”

A quick story if you’ll indulge me. One of the best t-shirts I’ve ever owned (and I’ve owned a few) was a Type O Negative shirt in the era of 1996’s October Rust. It was red and for the song “Wolf Moon” — image here; not my picture — and on the back in big block letters was “LET US PREY.” I was in high school at the time, and for years, that was just about the only thing I wore that wasn’t black. Gradually, the shirt was retired, and gradually, I dug into more underground fare, but as a misunderstood angry boy from New Jersey, I had a deep affinity for Type O Negative‘s blend of fuckall and gothic theatricality — I still have “Kill all the White People” stuck in my head not irregularly — and that has remained on more than a nostalgic level. Even up to 2007’s Dead Again, their final album, I counted myself a fan, and I remember where I was when I heard Peter Steele, who was always an entertaining interview, died in April 2010.

All of this means that when Philadelphia trio Heavy Temple take on October Rust opener “Love You to Death,” I come in predisposed in favor of it. Still, the three-piece whose to-be-released-sometime-this-year EP is eagerly anticipated have done well to make the song their own, playing off the established, deeply remembered original version while throwing in a sonic twist. I won’t spoil that, but it’s an impressive turn on expectation as well as a vocal showcase to which the band lives up encouragingly. I continue to look forward to that EP.

If you’re wondering, I still have that shirt as well. Some things you just don’t throw out.

Some words from the band, and of course, the audio:


High Priestess Nighthawk (bass/vocals) on “Love You to Death”:

It started as a Valentine’s gift for Will Mellor from Hivelords. I’d never really sunk my teeth into Type O til I met him. He also did the final mix. But then i figured why not share it with everyone? It’s one of their best songs. I considered putting it as a secret track on the forthcoming EP (release TBA), but figure Valentines day was as good a time as any to release it. I recorded pretty much everything in one day, But the song is well written so it wasn’t hard.


Heavy Temple, “Love You to Death” (Type O Negative cover)

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