Friday Full-Length: Toner Low, Toner Low

Toner Low, Toner Low (2005)

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Of course, - Why be concerned about the review? apply for the necessary guidance on the website modify the way you fulfill your homework Toner Low are still going. They released their second album, Service at PapersOwl. We offer Unlimited Support, 100% Plagiarism Free, Full Confidentiality, and On Time Delivery. Any type of II (discussed here), in 2008 and their third, III (review here), arrived in 2013 and has a vinyl reissue due next month through the band’s webstore. Their sound has progressed but remained unifyingly stoned out according to the tenets that the self-titled makes plain. They’re not really due for a follow-up yet, but if one was on the way, I wouldn’t fight it.

As always, I hope you enjoy.

I’ve been feeling big riffs this week, so there you go. Hard to go further in terms of largesse-of-riff.

I said a lot in the anniversary post, so I’ll keep this short and sweet, but thanks again for reading if you got to check in at all this week. There was a lot — and next week has a lot too — but I still feel like we got back to some semblance of normalcy after the anticipated-albums list went up on Monday. I had to get that one out. Next year, I think I’ll try to organize it differently though. Seemed like it was too much. Felt that way writing it, but I think even for people navigating through. Eh, you learn from it, change it around next year. Still pretty pleased with the response it got.

Did I mention next week is really busy? Good. Monday, look out for an Albino Rhin√∂ track premiere that’s a 20-minute long jam. Still only half the song, of course, but it should be plenty. Tuesday, a track from Salt Lake City’s¬†Making Fuck, who have ties to¬†SubRosa and¬†Dwellers. Wednesday, a video premiere from¬†Devil to Pay. Thursday, a review and full stream for¬†Mountain Tamer. And Friday, come hell or high water, I’m going to review¬†Hexvessel. It should be well enough¬†for the week.

Should do a new podcast at some point too. Might have to kiss up January and pick back up in February with the next one. Been a crazy, fast month. In the meantime though, I have a¬†Borderland Fuzz Fiesta mixtape coming together next week that will feature tracks from the fest at the end of February which I’ll be covering in Arizona. Looking forward to that one for sure.

That’s going to have to do it for me. I hope you have a great and safe weekend. Please check out the forum and the radio stream, which I’m happy to say is back up and running at its full capacity after being on the backup for most of last week.

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  1. Dutch gus says:

    Was chatting with Shaytan/Yob one year at Roadburn, immensely stoned.
    He introduced me to some immensely stoned guys, it took me several attempts to decipher them as being introduced as ‘Toner Low’, and we then progressed to the deep level of conversation of muttering ‘far out’ and similar nonsenses.

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