Sun Blood Stories Premiere “Misery is Nebulous” Video

sun blood stories (photo by Jaclyn Hutchens)

There’s not much by way of easy viewing in the new Sun Blood Stories video. Even the included footage of peaceful suburbia, 8mm home movies and other things that aren’t war, riots, Sandra Bland, various forms of disorder and/or representations of the general awfulness of our age are tainted and made complicit by context. The message of “Misery is Nebulous” is not at all nebulous: You do not have the one without the other. Or at least we as human beings living today don’t.

I’ll admit that for me placing the song in a social strata is a new context. Appearing as the penultimate cut on last year’s continually-impressive Twilight Midnight Morning (review here), “Misery is Nebulous” is surrounded by “Moon Song: Waxing” and “Moon Song: Waning” and so deep into the band’s got-weird head-trip noisefest that to me, its linear build didn’t necessarily seem to be the cathartic pulsation that the video makes it. Apart from ambient vocalizations, I’ll also add that it has no lyrics, in my own defense, and as it’s so easy to get lost in the drones and noise of the record’s back half, I guess I thought the Boise outfit — Ben KirbyAmber PollardNik Kososik (also The Western Mystics) and Jon Fust — were freaking out for freaking out’s own sake. Turns out they were being topical.

And the water flowing impossibly back into the dam at the start of the video is no coincidence either, as it puts an emphasis on the simple reality that that can’t happen, so yeah, as you dig in and prepare yourself for a downer way more doomed than whatever drop-anything riffs you were going to hear today, go ahead and keep that one in mind. We’re all fucked.

Have at you:

Sun Blood Stories, “Misery is Nebulous” official video

Amber Pollard on “Misery is Nebulous”:

“It’s a rarity we play that song live and I don’t cry/lose my shit/scream into the crowd. It’s a heavy song that was formed around the news happening at the time (and is still happening unfortunately). These types of images are the reason that song exists in the first place. It feels good to get it out and have the visuals provide the lyrics that aren’t there.”

Misery is Nebulous is the 10th track from Sun Blood Stories’ June 2015 release, Twilight Midnight Morning.

Clips compiled and edited by Tyler Walker.

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