Scissorfight Announce Return with New Singer and Drummer

It’s the news New England has been waiting for. New Hampshire’s Scissorfight will return in 2016 with a new singer, new drummer and new material.

I don’t know if I’d call a Scissorfight reunion inevitable, but it sure as shit is welcome. The Granite State Destroyers put word out that they have added two new members and they’ll start doing shows again this year playing old material and new.

That last part is of course of immediate intrigue. New Scissorfight? 2016 marks a decade since their last album, Jaggernaut, was released, and while I’ve no doubt the band — founding guitarist Jay Fortin and bassist Paul Jarvis plus newcomers Doug Aubin (vocals) and Rick Orcutt (drums) — can find a label to pick them up in the wake of Tortuga/Hydra Head going defunct, it’s a surprising proposition out of the gate. With the establishing of an official Facebook page for the band and an online merch store in the last couple months, their reunion isn’t exactly out of the blue, but I’m dying to hear what it sounds like.

New and old. Scissorfight 2016 — hell yes I’m curious. Might be worth a trip to New Hampshire if they’re playing out, though I don’t know if you ever saw them back in their day, but they drew a pretty raucous crowd. Angry New Englanders letting out workingman’s aggression to songs about pirates and outmotherfuckering the man, which, of course, they may yet do.

As one would have to expect, the announcement was short and bullshit-free. It follows this photo, which is old but rules nonetheless:

scissorfight sticker

Hey fans of scissorfight!

Please be aware that scissorfight is coming back with two new members! Doug on vocals, Rick on drums. We will be playing live shows. We will be paying homage to the classic songs of the past and we will be presenting new material for your thrashing pleasure!

Scissorfight, Live at Bill’s Bar, Boston, 2001

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4 Responses to “Scissorfight Announce Return with New Singer and Drummer”

  1. Jason Venzke says:

    Sort of strange news…Scissorfight was an AMAZING band, but, with all due respect to to Jay and Jarvis, how the flying “F” does Scissorfight *really* exist without that crazy MFer IRONLUNG on vocals? The dude was the face and image of that band–not to mention, of course, his unique vocal stylings. I’m psyched that Jay/Jarvis are still going–and damn, I LOVED Scissorfight, but I dunno. I’ll give it a chance, but this is sorta like, say, if Sam Black Church got back together without Jesse on vocals.

    • Chad King says:

      Doug is a very capable vocalist trust me. He was the frontman for the band Senseless Mutilation a death grind band that garnered quite a following playing shows with such acts as Leukorreah, Life at Zero, Goratory, Suicide Contest. His stage presence is big to say the least. Not quite the same style but his new band Ironchin is more in the same vein check me out!

  2. Backwoods says:

    ‘Bout fuckin’ time.

  3. Jacco Macacco says:

    Great news!
    I saw this band tons of times can’t wait to see them again!

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