Hound Premiere “Over the Edge” from Out of Space


“Over the Edge” is the closing track on Hound‘s sophomore full-length, Out of Space. The Philadelphia natives’ second album is set to release Nov. 27 on SRA Records, and while “Over the Edge” doesn’t exactly capture its entire breadth, it’s righteous enough to stand in for the whole and definitely placed last for the broader impression it leaves of what the trio do. As to that itself, their methods vary some over Out of Space‘s nine inclusions, which are quick to show off their punker roots on opener “Emotional Collapse” and the subsequent “Mortality Jam” — which kicks off a five-song sequence of cuts under three minutes long — but the three-piece remain steeped in raw, heavy rock and roll throughout, calling to mind a similar creative trajectory as some of Small Stone‘s roster over the last decade, bands like Suplecs and Roadsaw, whose roots in more aggressive fare one way or another have led them to weighted grooves and a more riff-happy modus operandi.

Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Perry Shall, bassist Patrick Hickey and drummer Chris Wilson (also Ted Leo and the Pharmacists), Hound‘s style feels deceptively straightforward superficially, but the more one digs into the album and uncovers the organ buried in the mix of “Intro” and “Cold Blooded,” which follows — it’s worth noting that hound-out-of-space“Intro” is actually the longer of the two — and the plays of tempo that occur between the later “Super Junkie of Being…” and “Walking Curse,” the more complex Out of Space shows itself to be. Shall, Hickey and Wilson have that rawness at their core, but their second LP finds them in the process of building on top of that stylistically and to engaging effect. A strong undercurrent of ’90s alt hard rock shows itself in “Walkin’ the Fine Line,” but there’s a more modern heaviness to it, as well as a bit of shuffle, that bring it into the all-encompassing context of the heavy ’10s. And when it comes around, “Over the Edge” arrives as a pure moment of riff hedonism, a chugging, crawling, slow-motion nod that Shall buries his voice beneath to make it sound even huger, not that it was hurting anyway.

It’s not trying to change the world, it’s not trying to fix something stylistically that isn’t broken, “Over the Edge” is just tilting its figurative head back and riffing out, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need most. I’m thrilled today to be hosting the track for its streaming premiere, and hope that you get as much of a kick out of it as I have. Please find it on the player below, followed by some comment from Shall on “Over the Edge” and more info on the album from the PR wire.


Perry Shall on “Over the Edge”:

“Over the Edge’ is a song I wrote and recorded a demo of two years before some insane people thought the world was supposed to end (in 2012). The final version you’re hearing is exactly what I wanted it to end up sounding like. Long, droney, stream of conscious type of feeling.”

Philadelphia underground rock band HOUND will release its new album Out of Space on November 27 via SRA Records. The power trio — guitarist / vocalist Perry Shall, drummer Chris Wilson (also of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists) and bassist Patrick Hickey — whose sound has been described as “just the right combination of attack and restraint” recorded the album at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA (Title Fight, Braid). Out of Space is the follow up to HOUND’s 2014 debut, Out of Time.

HOUND will throw a Philadelphia album release party for Out of Space on November 27 at Everybody Hits. Special guests include The Kominas and Dangerbird. For full details, visit this location.

Track listing:
1.) Emotional Collapse
2.) Mortality Jam
3.) Walkin’ the Fine Line
4.) Intro
5.) Cold Blooded
6.) Super Junkie of Being
7.) Stone Carvin’ Man
8.) Walking Curse
9.) Over the Edge

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