Mos Generator and Sower Premiere Tracks from Upcoming Split

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At least theoretically it’s a little easier to keep track of who’s doing what on Sower‘s side of the 12″. Apparently rooted in a three-piece called Sower of Discord, from whom there is some live footage dating back to 2011, this split seems to be their recorded debut, and while not exactly newcomers as players, they’re establishing themselves as a trio and the songs have a demo-style feel to them. Nonetheless, “Time and Tide,” “Forward Until Death,” “New Boss” and “Escape Pod” give an initial glimpse at some choice fuzz in the making. “Forward Until Death” particularly finds its breadth in breaking down to a section of minimalism held together by the bass until the guitar and drums reemerge for a larger, rolling apex, and “New Boss” functions similarly in its second half, trading out the roll in favor of classic rocking shuffle. Groove, hooks and engaging leads are the order of the day, and Sower embark on their first outing with a plan of action put to immediate work. It will be interesting to see how they move forward from here.

The two bands have release shows booked for Dec. 11 and 12 in, of course, Washington, and they’ll be joined by Year of the Cobra and Infinite Flux. Show details follow the tracks themselves, which you can hear on the players below.


12/11 The Valley, Tacoma, WA: Devil’s Child Records present a night to celebrate their debut release. Mos Generator / Sower split 12″ Lp. Limited run of 300. 100 Red / 100 Yellow / 100 Grey. Come out and buy them direct from the label.

INFINITE FLUX will also be slinging their mammoth debut Cd for the first time. A very exciting night for music collectors and fans of loud and heavy live music. It’s free show so come out and support the bands and labels.


12/12 Manette Saloon, Bremerton, WA: Devils Child Records PRESENTS w/MNDVA & INVISIBLE FRIEND PRODUCTIONS

Mos Generator [3RD]
Sower [2ND]
Year of the Cobra [1ST]

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