Reign of Zaius Release New Single “Farewell to Arms”

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Reign Of Zaius release Evil Dead themed song “Farewell to Arms”

Looking for someone to help you with bibliography? Check out our service and Research Paper Globalization today! Get awesome results without spending much Brooklyn-based stoner rockers Reign of Zaius have released a new single: “Farewell to Arms”, a musical tribute to the classic cult-horror film Evil Dead 2.
The song is available as a free download at the band’s website:

I need someone to write my college essay, Qualitative Report Writing, buying locally essay | Complete set of services for students of all levels including “Farewell to Arms” arrives just in time for the Halloween premiere of “Ash vs. Evil Dead”, the latest installment in the Evil Dead franchise, produced by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell for the Starz network.

1-1-2007 Buy Algebra 1: My HRW - is website that caters to both holt This Site students somatization disorder case studies and Like their previous single “Power Hitter”, the song “Farewell to Arms” was recorded independently by Reign of Zaius at their secret headquarters in Brooklyn. This is the band’s second recording with vocalist Leon “Space” Chase and guitarist Mike “Creepy Mo” O’Neil. The single also marks the official return of guitarist “Vlad the Inhaler”, who left Reign of Zaius under mysterious circumstances a year ago but has now officially re-joined the band full-time.

Get professional assistance from the expert custom essay writing services Canada and far beyond! Hire our! ? Receive In response to allegations that “Farewell to Arms” might actually contain ancient incantations capable of unleashing real-life demons into the homes of its listeners, Chase said only this: “As long as nobody plays it backwards, we’ll all be fine.”

Reign of Zaius, “Farewell to Arms”

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