The Great Sabatini Touring Europe Next Month

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Montreal noisemaker four-piece The Great Sabatini have announced a European tour set to kick off Nov. 5 that will find them supporting their 2014 third album, Dog Years. The band released Dog Years last June on Solar Flare Records and toured did a similar round of Canadian and US dates to mark its arrival, so they’re nothing if not covering their bases. Next year? Japan! Or maybe a new record or something else, I have no idea. Sometimes I get worried people are going to take me seriously when I say stuff like that. I need a talking-out-my-ass alert.

TOMA: The Great Sabatini announce tour of Martian riverbeds.

Not sure that’s clear enough. I’ll work on it.

In the meantime, here’s the Euro tour info and the Dog Years stream:

the great sabatini european tour

The Great Sabatini announce Europe dates.

Montreal noise rock/sludge/doom outfit The Great Sabatini will be touring Europe next month to help push their latest LP “Dog Years” which was released through France’s Solar Flare Records. Order your copy at

“Hey, here’s a thing we’re doing, called TOUR OF EUROPE, NOVEMBER 2015,” says the band. “We can’t wait for: vegan meals/beers in warm company, places to crash without begging, being told we are way loud most nights, righteous bands and friends we ain’t seen in a couple years, jet lag, drinking in public, tiny fuckin’ coffees that rule, etc. Oh god make it November now please. Poster design by Wurmzilla Art.”

Check the dates below:
11/05-Frankfurt, Germany @ Dreikönigskeller
11/06-Hamburg, Germany @ Astrastube
11/07- Hildesheim, Germany @ Thav
11/08-Vienna, Austria @ EKH
11/09-Budapest, Hungary @ Aurora
11/10-Burcharest, Romania @ Question Mark
11/11-Zilina, Slovakia @ Bullwar
11/12-Neratovice, Czech Republic @ U Nádraží
11/13-Paris, France @ La Mécanique Ondulatoire
11/14-Berlin, Germany @ He Sherer8
11/15-Antwerp, Belgium @ Music City
11/16-London, UK @ Powerlunches
11/17- Leeds, UK @ Chunk
11/18-Mons, Belgium @ Le Bateau Ivre
11/19- Renens, Switzerland @
11/20-Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia @ Mknz
11/21-Clermont Ferrand, France @Raymond Bar

The Great Sabatini, Dog Years (2014)

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