Mansion Get Even Creepier than Usual in “Altar Sermon” Video

mansion (Photo by Ulla Kudjoi)

Kind of hard to determine where the line between sex and violence actually lays when it comes to  Mansion‘s new video for “Altar Sermon,” never mind the song itself, which is set to serve as the title-track of the band’s new two-cut EP, due out Oct. 23 on Svart. I guess that’s probably the whole idea, and while any cult worthy of the name has some usually-pretty-troubling/kid-touchy abuse going on, the Finnish collective don’t take it quite that far. It’s more of a bondage/fetish thing, playing with power dynamics and so forth. Even Kartanoists need to get some in their strange, stoic, vaguely problematic kind of way.

But hey, let’s file that one under What-Would-I-Know and move right along. Mansion‘s last EP was Uncreation (review here), which was preceded by their 2013 debut EP, We Shall Live (review here), so Altar Sermon will be their third — they also had a 7″, The Mansion Congregation Hymns Vol. 1, out last year — but the new track finds them branching out farther still on their dark, thematically coherent and exploratory path. At over eight minutes, it takes some of the psychedelic leanings of the 7″ and incorporates them into the severe-sounding cultistries for which the band has become known, so that a tension is maintained even as they push deeper into a molten flow. It’s a weird balance, but one that suits them, as does the song’s duet format.

As to when Mansion might get around to putting out a full-length, your guess is as good as mine. They’ve done well telling their story over the course of short releases thus far, so I’m not actually sure what doing an LP as opposed to more EPs might actually accomplish. But it’s just one of those things you do after a while, and presumably they’ll get there sooner or later. In the meantime, the clip for “Altar Sermon” and PR wire info follows.


Mansion, “Altar Sermon” official video

Psychedelic occult rockers Mansion premiere the new video “Altar Sermon.” The track hails from the band’s forthcoming EP, Altar Sermon, set for international release on October 23rd via Svart Records on 12″ vinyl and digital formats. As mysterious as it gets, Finland’s Mansion derive their moniker the local Christian apocalyptic “mansionite” cult of Kartanoism, which lived its glory days from the 1920s to the 1950s. Kartano is the Finnish word for mansion and is the surname of cult leader Alma Kartano. Fittingly, Mansion was brought together to create music strongly reflecting the life of the cult’s followers.

To date, Mansion have released two EPs, 2013’s We Shall Live – which featured the video “Slumber Sermon” – and Uncreation the following year, which musically illustrated the mansionites journeying further on their crusade against the mundane and sinful with frightening conviction. With Altar Sermon and the title track’s new video, Mansion present their most harrowing vision yet: in their own words, “the cinematic re-enactment of a mansionite ritual known as the Altar Sermon. Mansion’s score for the captured moments includes a duet with Alma and traveling preacher Matteus. The soundtrack will be released bearing the title Altar Sermon on October 23rd. The flip-side of the release contains the song ‘Traitor’s Dirge.’ In the song, the treacherous Tilda Reunanen regrets her involvement in our cause and is sentenced to the everlasting fires of Hell.”

Directed by Artturi Rostén, view the video for Mansion’s “Altar Sermon.” Preorder for Mansion’s Altar Sermon be found HERE.

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