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metamorfica (photo by Carolina Galetto)

Plenty of fuzz and bluesy vibing pervades Cisma, the third album by Argentinian four-piece Metamórfica, but it’s the way a song like opener “Desaparece” — also the longest cut on the record (immediate points) — seems to take off into proggy soloing without losing its tonal warmth or vibrant presence that really puts it over the edge. Cisma seems to have been out at least digitally for a minute, released on Oui Oui Records, but it’s new to me and as I dug it, I thought maybe someone else would too. Hopefully it works out that way.

Info and the full stream from Oui Oui‘s Bandcamp follow, as sent down the PR wire:

metamorfica cisma


Their third studio album, “Cisma” was edited by OUI-OUI RECORDS and produced once again by Tito Fargo and Metamórfica. Recorded and mixed by Pájaro Rainoldi at Romaphonic Studios -Buenos Aires, Argentina- and mastered by Tom Baker at Baker Mastering – LA, USA-.

A forceful and intimate album shaped by eight songs where voices jump from sweet to energetic interventions to get their place among abundant instrumental passages. Cisma expounds the musical identity that the band has been exploring and building for 12 years.

Alejandra Mariona and Mariela Talento command voices and two colorful and contrasted electric guitars, shifting between soft, raw and energetic sounds. Both guitars get combined after soaking through their chains of effects and landing in a variety of atmospheres and intensities. The quartet is completed by Javier Prazak on bass and the recent incorporation of Ariel Andrés Solito (Dragonauta) on drums.

Their style is rock where songs can load tints of psychedelic, stoner, space and progressive rock as well.
Their lyrics narrate life experiences with harshness, sensitivity and astonishment. They mostly appeal to metaphors so listeners can make a personal interpretation of what is being narrated.

Metamorphic rocks arise from transformation when subjected to high levels of heat and pressure.

– Formed in September 2003 in Buenos Aires city, by Alejandra Mariona y Mariela Talento on voices and guitars.
– In May 2006 they release their first LP “Tiempo de escupir y vomitar”. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Hernán Caratozzolo at Casa Frida Studios.
– In 2009 they meet Tito Fargo (Los Redonditos de Ricota, Ararat and Gran Martell) and together they’ve been working on the albums that follow up to today:
* Carnicera (EP – 2010). Recorded and mixed by Mario Altamirano at Santito Studios and mastered by Andrés Mayo at Mr. Master.
* Sinapteína (LP – 2012). Recorded and mixed by Walter Chacón at Santito Studios, mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering (USA) and edited by Oui Oui Records.
* Cisma (LP – 2015). Recorded and mixed by Gonzalo Pájaro Rainoldi at Romaphonic Studios, mastered by Tom Baker at Baker Mastering (USA) and edited by Oui Oui Records.

Metamorfica, Cisma (2015)

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