Friday Full-Length: Randy Holden, Population II

Randy Holden, Population II (1969)

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In the last decade, he’d release an answer to 1996’s¬†Guitar God¬†in the form of¬†Guitar God 2001, issued the year of its title, and 2008’s¬†Raptor, and this year he has issued the self-recorded¬†Psychedelic Blue, which is available at his website.¬†Population II¬†has seen a handful of reissues over the years as well, legitimate and bootleg, and its cult continues to grow with a new generation of heavy rock heads hell-bent for rare vinyl and classic groove.

About to head out of the office and down to Connecticut for the next couple days, so I’ll keep it short. Tomorrow night I’m seeing¬†Serial Hawk¬†in Connecticut, so Monday I’ll have a review of that up. Look out next week I think for the video premiere from¬†Kings Destroy that was originally supposed to be this week, as well as a new track from the¬†Khemmis¬†album coming soon from¬†20 Buck Spin, and hopefully a track and Q&A with¬†The Exploding Eyes Orchestra, which is an offshoot of¬†Jess and the Ancient Ones¬†that will have a debut LP out soon on¬†Svart. All cool stuff.

Reviews too of the Death Alley record and vinyl something or other. Records are starting to stack up.

To that end, I’ve also started plotting out the next Quarterly Review, which will happen at the end of this month. Don’t ask me how I’m going to manage that while also working full-time, I’m just going to fucking do it and that’s going to be that. Sleep be damned.¬†Not¬†Sleep, the band. Just sleep, the concept.

Hope you have a great and safe weekend. If you’re someplace that has good weather or, say, at the¬†Freak Valley¬†festival in Germany, I hope you enjoy it. Please check out the forum and radio stream. I was listening earlier. Some good shit on there.

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The Obelisk Radio

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