All Them Witches Issue New EP A Sweet Release


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Though All Them Witches just once again made Our Mother Electricity available via their Bandcamp, where one can also find the live recording At the Garage and numerous show bootlegs, Effervescent is all but gone, even given the limited tangibility of a digital release. That is to say, they took it down and it’s unknown whether it will show up again. It gives a certain amount of urgency to A Sweet Release — it might not be there forever — and it’s unknown if All Them Witches will press up any physical copies. You never know, but with their concentration turning toward an impending third LP and no doubt a decent amount of touring to support that, it seems unlikely for the time being. Still, the jams are worth checking out while one can.

Some word from the band below, and some tour dates for the showing-up contingent:

all them witches a sweet release

It has been a crazy past two years and this upcoming one is going to be a wee bit way more gnarly. Thank you for your support. We play for you. The energy is the fire. Now the important notes: As you prepare to meet your maker, which I encourage you to do on a daily basis, remember – it is important to enjoy this experience. Find another? I think not. There is only one whole – eat it slowly.

– Robby

And some extra garnish: We’ll be sharing a great size of new tunes with you soon. We do mean soon. And then more music. A body of music to be tasted in one big bite which we’ll be calling our new LP is on the horizon. There will be some information about experiences very important to us that we’ll shed some light on for you all soon as well. It’s all coming together!


April 23 – Winston-Salem, NC – The Garage
April 24 – Asheville, NC – New Mountain Theater
April 25 – Nashville, TN – Lightning 100’s Marathon Block Party
May 22 – Chillicothe, IL – Summercamp Music Festival
June 3 – Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios
June 4 – Seattle, WA – Barboza
June 5 – Vancouver, WA – Levitation Vancouver

All Them Witches, A Sweet Release (2015)

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  1. Jon says:

    How about that little Colour Haze nod at the end! This band kicks ass.

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