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Rife with obscure, self-shot looking imagery that just finally holds still on a shot of someone walking off into a nameless forest void, yeah, you could say that the new video for the title-track of Saturnalia Temple‘s forthcoming To the Other LP fits the atmosphere the song creates. The track itself is a nine-minute march of bizarre and ritualized doom, not beat-you-over-the-head-with-riffs heavy, but with a grueling purpose to its echoing incantations all the same. To the Other is out Feb. 23 on Listenable in Europe and The Ajna Offensive in the US.

I haven’t heard the record yet, but it seems safe to presume this is a significant slice of it, Aldebaran drummer Tim Call stepping in to punctuate the morose proceedings in all their resonant, hypnotic, darkened vibing. Worth noting that the fire pit above — an accent worthy of adding to any outdoor experience — makes an appearance in full nighttime glory in the video’s midsection, but that it’s just part of the whole rite being portrayed on “To the Other,” the guttural call of its title line echoing even after the song’s finish. Whatever else you might listen to today, chances are nothing else will sound quite like it.

Video and PR wire info follow, for the curious:

Saturnalia Temple, “To the Other” official video

Official video of title track from Saturnalia Temple’s new album To The Other. Released in Europe by Listenable Records on February 23 and in USA by The Ajna Offensive.

Today, the enigmatic Saturnalia Temple premieres a new video for “To the Other.” The song is the title track for the band’s highly anticipated second album, To the Other, set for North American release on April 7th via The Ajna Offensive. Saturnalia Temple is black magic metal, a dark spiritual vortex rooted in heavy and hypnotic sounds, a pure voice of the Draconian magical tradition now further harnessed with To the Other. As a band that moves intently and without compromise, this recording and production was done in their own studio, Sitra Ahra, located in the forests outside Uppsala, Sweden. Witness their mesmerizing majesty in visual form exclusively HERE.

Since its release, Saturnalia Temple’s critically acclaimed Aion of Drakon debut took the band to numerous major festivals throughout Europe, including Roadburn, Hell’s Pleasure, and Heavy Days in Doomtown, as well as on tours in both the U.S. and Europe. The strong occult and dark magical backbone is more prevalent than ever on To the Other, and as a band that actually started before the current “occult rock” trend, there are no fetishistic hoods, blood, or pentagrams. To The Other is instead a relentless journey through the downfall of the world and the rise of the individual striving against the grain.

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