Former Beelzefuzz Members Resurface in Righteous Bloom

I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be long before we heard from some combination of former Beelzefuzz members that a new band was starting up. Righteous Bloom brings together guitarist/vocalist Dana Ortt, drummer Darin McCloskey and recently-added guitarist Greg Diener — also McCloskey‘s bandmate in Pale Divine — as a new three-piece with classic-rocking intent set to record by the end of this year for a new album due in 2015. As with Beelzefuzz‘s 2013 self-titled debut/swansong, the Righteous Bloom full-length is slated for release through The Church Within Records.

No word on whether Diener will stay on guitar or move to bass to cover the spot that in Beelzefuzz belonged to Pug Kirby, or if they’ll get someone else or go without bass altogether, but this is a preliminary “this band exists” kind of announcement, and the fact that they’re putting a recording plan out there at all means that one way or another work is already underway. I’ll be interested to hear the similarities and the differences between the two acts. You might note the logo is somewhat reminiscent. I’ll be waiting for t-shirts:

I knew they were gonna go with a less silly name.

Righteous Bloom is a heavy rock band from North East MD formed in 2014 from the ashes of Beelzefuzz. Righteous Bloom incorporates a very unique style of heavy music similar to the classic sounds of early 70’s bands such as Uriah Heep, Deep Purple and Black sabbath as well as contemporary acts Pentagram, Graveyard and Earthride. Still Righteous Bloom remain decidely independent with their own personal brand of melodic heavy rock and the David Byron meets John Lawton crossed with Mark Farner vocal stylings of singer and guitarist Dana Ortt. Dana Ortt along with drummer Darin McCloskey and lead guitarist Greg Diener (Pale Divine) will enter the studio by the end of 2014 to record a new album to be released on Church Within records early 2015.

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