Yawning Man European Tour Starts this Weekend

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Yawning Man will be bringing our unique, surreal sounds to Holland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland August/early September. Our shows are limited this time around, so please, pack your friends up in your vehicle and make a road trip to come see us. We look forward to seeing you all!

29.08.14 Deventer, NETHERLANDS ~ DE HIP
30.08.14 Hummelo, NETHERLANDS ~ Mañana Mañana Festival
01.09.14 Vienna, AUSTRIA ~ THE ARENA
02.09.14 Berlin, Germany ~ Wild At Heart
03.09.14 Dresden, GERMANY ~ Ostpol
05.09.14 Frankfurt, GERMANY ~ DAS BETT Sky High Festival
06.09.14 Zurich, SWITZERLAND ~ Kinski Klub

Please contact the venues for ticket prices, times, etc.


Yawning Man, “Dark Meet” from Split with Fatso Jetson (2013)

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2 Responses to “Yawning Man European Tour Starts this Weekend”

  1. v says:

    according to the hip (deventer), bill stinson will be on drums.

  2. Craig Rees says:

    “Due to a serious medical problem within the band, Yawning Man have had to cancel the rest of the Euro Tour”. Sending best wishes for a speedy and total recovery. What a bummer :-(

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