Doom in June Vol. 4 Fest Launches Tonight!

In just a few short hours, this year’s Doom in June fest gets its start, and Doom in June Vol. 4 is definitely the most varied and farthest reaching yet, bringing in the deathly likes of Satan’s Host and Novembers Doom for ultra-dark headlining slots, while Acid Witch, Pale Divine, Ides of Gemini, GodhunterWhores of Tijuana and many others hold down a two-day trudge through various styles and takes on the heavy. It’s an admirable grouping of acts, and The Cheyenne Saloon is a killer room in which to see a show, so no doubt in my mind it’ll be an excellent time for those fortunate enough to make it out.

If that’s you, well, you already know the deal. For everyone else, let me just say one more time how thrilled I was to be included among the sponsors for this year’s event, and how much I’m looking forward to seeing videos and hearing reports of how it all went down.

One more time, here’s the full lineup and ticket links:


Friday, June 6th and Saturday, June 7th, 2014 at The Cheyenne Saloon

Las Vegas, NV, Friday, June 6, 2014 — Salem Rose Music is excited to present the full line-up for Doom in June Vol. 4 Music Festival in Las Vegas. Festival kicks off Friday night (June 6th). In keeping with festival tradition, Saturday (June 7th) will feature music all day and well into the night. Event takes place at The Cheyenne Saloon (3103 N Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89130). Tickets are on sale now and also available at the door until they sell out:

2- day ticket discount price $40

Friday only ticket $20

Saturday only ticket $30

Friday June 6
(first band hits the stage just after 5:00 pm and show ends just after midnight)
Spiritual Shepherd
Whores of Tijuana
Wounded Giant
Night Demon
Big Elf
Satan’s Host

Saturday June 7
Black Prism
Trapped within Burning Machinery
Secrets of the Sky
Spun in Darkness
Demon Lung
Ides of Gemini
Pale Divine
November’s Doom
Acid Witch
Irony Man

— Festival Ends —

Updates can be found at:

Pale Divine, Painted Windows Black (2012)

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