Friday Full-Length: Alice in Chains, Sap EP

Alice in Chains, Sap (1992)

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Sorry about that whole “no posts” thing yesterday. I try to avoid that whenever I can, at least get something up. Yesterday Learn by visiting our website today how we can offer you professional and reliable site at any time night or day. The Patient Mrs. and I were on the road all day coming back from a mid-week trip south to Jersey. There’s a good chance this will come up again. I’ll try to give some notice or post what I can. I do my best.

Lots of news this week. Lots of videos. Not a lot of reviews. Here are the next five album reviews I’m going to write for this site. Ready? Visit ace where you post your homework, and qualified scholars will do it for you. You can check any acemyhomework review online, Weedpecker, Colour Haze (the Ewige Blumenkraft reissue), Conan, Mammatus and Papir. I really fucking hope it’s not a month before I get those done, but if it is, fuck it. That’s what I want to write about so that’s what I’m going to write about. I spend an awful lot of time feeling obligated and like I’m behind on shit. Well, I am behind, a lot, but when it comes to it, I do this to have a good time and write about music I enjoy, so if you’re not one of those next five reviews, I’m sorry but you’re gonna have to wait a little longer. Please know that your patience is appreciated.

I did a killer interview the other day with Rev. Jim Forrester about the Sixty Watt Shaman reunion. I’m not sure when I’ll have the time to transcribe it — Conan is next, then Alcest — but I’ll get there. I wish I had more time. Also money. Also abdominal definition. Also the ability to express emotions beyond frustration. It’s a long list. I wish and wish.

But life is what happens while you sit around and wish on bullshit you either can or can’t make real, so fuck it. I hope your week was incredible like the first time you heard Sabbath and it clicked, and I hope your weekend follows suit. If you stick around, I’ll have a new podcast coming either Sunday night or Monday morning, and there’s a lot of other silly nonsense to come as well next week other than whatever reviews I can get done. I hope you’ll hang out.

Thanks all, enjoy Sap, and please check out the forum and radio stream.

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10 Responses to “Friday Full-Length: Alice in Chains, Sap EP”

  1. Ron says:

    This album rules man….I still remember when it came out. I was 22. Saw the video for We Die Young when Facelift was first released and was hooked from that point on. And Dirt, of course, was the cherry on top….fuckin Sabbath inspired doom if I ever heard it. Always imitated, but never matched.

  2. Kazz says:

    Dunno what I would have thought about AiC had I been older. I was only 4 when Sap and Dirt came out, so, I got into them when they while they were dormant. I’m so glad I had them, among other bands, to listen to while I was in high school aside from the pop punk garbage that was popular at the time.

  3. One of my favorite bands. Never got to see them with Layne–one of my biggest regrets. :(

    I have, however, seen the current AiC a few times now and it is definitely worth seeing if you ever liked even one of their songs. Not the same, but they play a lot of the old stuff and it’s pretty damn good considering they’re missing their “voice”. Jerry is the mastermind, but I feel he needed the darkness from Layne, as well as signature AiC harmonizing of the two.

    All the classic Layne albums, including the self-titled are excellent. BGWtB was decent, and I really dig the latest album, regardless of the strange name–it’s darker overall than its predecessor.

    I had relatives who worked at a tow-truck company, and I got the DIRT cassette tape out of an unclaimed impound vehicle when I was 12 or so (we’re apparently about the same age). Probably my favorite album ever.

    I still revisit to their catalog quarterly.

  4. goAt says:

    Bought “Dirt” on cassette at Tower Records at the midnight release.

    Still got it.

    AIC MK II isn’t terrible by any means, but of course with Layne gone…like replacing Jim Morrison/Mick Jagger-can’t be done…and speaking of Primus-caught them with AIC at the ’93 Lollapalooza…

    …and you top it all off with a John Carpenter reference-NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD!!!

  5. Harvey Mee says:

    Loved SAP just as I loved GN’R LIES, long ago. Agree with you on how overlooked the self-titled has been, and the same could probably be said about Facelift, which I revisited one month ago, I’d dare say it’s almost as huge as Dirt. New AIC is very much fine for me.

  6. Nick says:

    Since I guess we’re all sharing our age circa 1992, i was 14. AIC and “grunge” hit at the perfect time for me. I stopped getting picked on for being a “grit” and girls actually wanted to hang with me all of the sudden.

    That said, Sap was ok…Jar of Flies was a bit better…i didn’t really dig the 3 leg album that much and then Layne died…BGWTB came out and i was very very impressed (also coincidentally came out at a good time for me after a long term relationship ended)…TDBDH is very very excellent in my opinion, possibly as good if not better than Dirt. Don’t know what you’re missing i suggest getting to spinnin’ both records asap man.

  7. Jeso Ansolo says:

    I was around 22 when this came out and I completely missed it busy as I was trying to decipher those bloody Napalm Death fast riffs and trying to imitate them. 22 years later I discover Alice in Chains both reccomended by my young bandmates and here at the Obelisk. I only knew about the band because someones tshirt in a drunken party, and confused later with Jane´s Adicction in someone´s car late at night…blurry memories. Anyway it touches the right key in thisl moment, thanks for sharing it.

  8. darryl says:

    Sap and Jar of Flies are both excellent, I love their mellower, acoustic stuff. One of the few heavy bands who does it well without it coming off as corny sounding. Good shit.

  9. Shining Trapezoid says:

    It goes without saying that this and Jar are fantastic. I’ve heard Dirt just too many times, although I loved it for years when it was new. Stuff before Dirt didn’t suck but they were still growing up as a band. The self-titled is still one of my all-time favorite records. If you don’t like it, you can fuck off! It’s so dark and weird for a major label release – and freakin’ heavy!

    The new shit – can’t get into any of it.

  10. deaconcrowe says:

    I was 19 and in college when Facelift came out. Blew my mind. It was Sabbath-esque, but with a modern alternative twist and fantastic yin/yang harmonizing between Layne and Jerry. Sean Kinney on drums is very underrated. Dirt is the greatest heavy album of the 90s imo and in my top 5 all time. Sap, Jar and the S/T (Head Creeps fucking kills) are all fantastic. I dig both the new albums too even though there are some mainstream bs production values going on. I wish they’d strip down the production and let DuVall take the lead vocal more often. Still love em regardless.

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