Temple of Void, Demo MMXIII: Living in the Gateway

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A sample of Chris Sarandon from 1977’s The Sentinel launches “Exanimate Gaze,” and as soon as the entrance to Hell is announced, Temple of Void get underway with their most metallic offering of the three on their first outing. Pearce keeps a doomly sensibility in half-timing the drums behind the opening push as the guitars and bass set a bleak, crushing bed for the coming verse. There are flourishes of melody in the breaks, but they’re just as ready with feedback, and the crunch of the verse is metallic in its seeming will to dominate, the second half of the song building in pace and thrust to a genre-transcending payoff that’s well met by Erdody‘s growling. To finish out, “Bargain in Death” isn’t necessarily more patient — Temple of Void¬†are intense, but they don’t necessarily feel like they’re jumping the gun at any point — but at its core is a repetitive method that essentially beats its riff into you in its early verses. If it’s a surprise after “Beyond the Ultimate” and “Exanimate Gaze,” you probably haven’t been paying attention, but the slowdown as the fivesome head toward and through the middle of the track accounts for its extra mass over the two predecessors.¬†Erdody takes his last screams — the final one is held to the point of breaking — just before the four-minute mark, and after that, Blanchard, Awn, Satterly and Pearce embark on a sort of plotted instrumental jam, running through cycles and developments of the progression that carry into the last fadeout, some six minutes later. If there’s a last turn, it comes around 5:45 with the emergence of a sample, but by then, the course of the rest of the track is telegraphed, and it’s pretty clear Temple of Void are going to just doom on it for a while. Guitar leads enter and exit, but the plod is constant, and it makes a long march out, finishing not like three-quarter-speed Cannibal Corpse, but like a band with a nascent will to defy what’s expected of them. That will has already served them well on this debut demo, and can only continue to do so as they move forward creatively and stylistically.

Temple of Void, Demo MMXIII (2013)

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  1. Eric TOV says:

    Temple of Void’s debut full-length available now for pre-order!

    “…of Terror and the Supernatural” picks up where the demo left off and steamrollers the listener to death via a slow, high-fidelity death metal assault. 51 minutes of doom that often draws comparisons to Asphyx, Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, Cathedral and early Opeth. Members of Acid Witch and Hellmouth. This debut album is heavier than Thor’s hammer.”


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