Friday Full-Length: Witch, Witch

Witch, Witch (2006)

I was fortunate to be skinny enough at the time to get into SXSW and see Witch play around the release of their 2006 self-titled debut. I still also have the promo of the CD. During that era, Tee Pee sent out full jewel case promos, with a grey back card, no cover. It was a while before I saw what the album actually looked like, but I played the shit out of that disc and still hear the riff to “Seer” that opens the record in my head on the regular. Some songs just plant themselves in your brain and never leave. A dreamy vibe thanks to Kyle Thomas (Feathers) vocal drawl and the ultra-dirty fuzz of Graham Clise, it’s a record whose influence you can see in bands coming out now, maybe more in Europe than the States, but it’s out there.

They had some indie cred in their early going thanks to Dinosaur Jr.‘s J. Mascis playing drums — his kick at those SXSW shows was pretty much living room-sized — but I cared way less about that than the vibe of Witch itself. With Dave Sweetapple on bass who’s kicked around in a couple Tee Pee bands since, including Sweet Apple, they were a foursome to be reckoned with. Their second album, 2008’s Paralyzed, didn’t resonate on nearly the same level with me, but Witch‘s potency as endured to the point of playing Roadburn in 2012 at the behest of Voivod. Because who could ever say no to Voivod? Not me. I went and they didn’t even ask.

But whatever its enduring legacy/influence/whatever might be, Witch‘s self-titled has unfuckwithable vibe, and that’s timeless as far as I’m concerned. As always, hope you enjoy.

Boy, hello Massachusetts. Come for the blistering cold, stay for the two feet of snow. I’ll admit I was more than a little excited when the top story on the BBC last night was about the East Coast weather and I got to say “I live there!” when I read about how “one town in Massachusetts” got hit with 20-plus inches. Today was all about drifts and wind and digging out. Also reviewing Truckfighters. Managed to sneak that one in there, much to my delight. It came at the expense of posting the Top 10 Albums I Didn’t Hear in 2013 — the LAST of the 2013 lists, I promise. I’m scrapping posts for “Comeback of the Year” (Monster Magnet) and my favorite live act (Kings Destroy), because enough is enough. Time to move on… to the Albums to Watch for in 2014 list. What am I, fucking Buzzfeed?

So anyway, it felt good to post something that wasn’t a numerical ordering of stuff that ruled, though that’s fun too, and next week I hope to get some more reviews up as we settle back into post-holiday reality. Right now I’m thinking Insider and Foghound and if I have time, Blackfinger, but I don’t want to let the aforementioned Albums to Watch for in 2014 linger too long or they’ll all be released. I’ll see what I can do. Time is precious and gone quickly.

Going a little stir-crazy though, as I’ve been inside all week, so I think The Patient Mrs. and I are going to head out for a bit tonight. There’s a theater in Boston playing Aliens at midnight, and I’m not about to turn something like that down. I expect much Vasquez-high-fiving and Bill Paxton quoting to ensue. Game over, man. Game over.

Hope you enjoy your weekend and if you’re somewhere that got snowed in, hope digging out isn’t too much of a pain in the ass. Have fun, be safe (in that order) and we’ll see you back here Monday for more tunes and good times.

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  1. Love this album, have done so from the first second I heard it. Unique feel this band had. ‘Seer’ pulls you in but the rest embeds itself in the Psyche over time. What are they up to now?

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