Friday Full-Length: Electric Wizard, Dopethrone

Electric Wizard, Dopethrone (2000)

The Patient Mrs. and I were walking around Ikea tonight, basking in the mediocre consumer hell that is our 30s and looking for a shelf I can put LPs on, since apparently I have enough now to warrant one — also a lamp because with the time change it gets dark in my office before I’m done working — and I couldn’t get Electric Wizard out of my head. They seem to be an immediate go-to association for those moments when you most want to say fuck everyone and everything and drop completely out of society. Ikea on a Friday night will do that.

Then we went to the Costco.

Suburbs, man. Some harsh shit.

I’ve always hated Ikea, and I feel like the worst part is I can’t really complain — we got both a lamp and a shelf, as well as a whole load of oh-yeah-we-totally-need-this bargain bulk crap at Costco. If we get snowed in tomorrow and are stuck until June like in The Shining, I’ll have enough deodorant to get me through. That’s not really something I worry about, but unit prices exist whether you want them to or not and I’m not in a position to be throwing money around willy nilly to not stink. There are bills to pay.

So although we were listening to the much more peaceful Papermoon Sessions collaboration between Papir and Electric Moon — which I’ll be reviewing next week along with Lumbar, or EYE, or Corrections House or whatever it is I find myself wanting to hear because god damn it that’s how I pick records these days — the Wizard were on my mind and I figured Dopethrone was a decent enough cap to the evening. So far so good.

Other than the big box surroundings in that, which was the early going, it was hardly an unpleasant night. I feel lucky when I get to spend real time with The Patient Mrs. that isn’t me working at my desk and she working at hers or the two of us too tired to have an actual conversation, and we got dinner afterwards — she called me interesting! — and I’m looking forward to a relatively low key weekend ahead of what will be a busy week to come, with shows on deck from Blaak Heat Shujaa and Devil to Pay and maybe High on Fire, at least two, maybe three nights in a row.

On that subject, toward the end of next week I’ll probably have few posts up, since Postman Dan — you may recall my travel partner out to Days of the Doomed or know him because he’s generally awesome and seems to know everyone anyway — is flying in on Thursday from Michigan. It wouldn’t really do to be like, “Hey dude, glad you’re here, but I gotta go review some shit for like three hours so I’ll talk to you later. Good to see you though.” Not that I doubt he’d be fine on his own, it’s just rude.

Plenty with which to stay busy through all that though, and I’ll probably find some room in there to talk about some records, tapes, CDs, whatever format it might be. When the Deadbolt Breaks also have a new video that I’ll be posting and there’s a lot of other stuff to come as well, so please stay tuned.

And in the meantime, as always, have a great and safe weekend. Enjoy the Electric Wizard (I know I am), and please check out the forum and radio stream.

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4 Responses to “Friday Full-Length: Electric Wizard, Dopethrone

  1. Harvey Mee says:

    Always good to know someone else hates the consummerism world

  2. Simon says:

    Did you end up with an Expedit shelf?

    Me and my record fiend friends all have variations of them!

    • We wound up with a Billy. The records stick out a bit in front, so I have the feeling I’ll be trading up for an Expedit later on. This works fine now and we can use it for books or whatever when I need more shelf space.

  3. Dave says:

    The real question is did you get the extra 5 Swedish meatballs for a $1? And, if I am in Sweden do I just say “I’ll take the meatballs”?

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