10 Days of SHoD XIII, Pt. 2: Black Thai Premiere “Start a War” from Seasons of Might EP

We continue the “10 Days of Stoner Hands of Doom XIII” special with a brand new track from Boston four-piece Black Thai, who will release their brand new 12″ EP, Seasons of Might, on mystery-colored 45rpm vinyl in time to tour their way south to SHoD and then make a leisurely loop through the Midwest en route back north. The four-song, 22-minute collection arrives with golly-that’s-pretty artwork from Alexander von Wieding, and in a limited edition of 300 as the Black Thai’s first release since 2010’s Blood from on High EP (review here) gave a more metallic edge to the heavy rock styling of their initial 2010 demo (review here), guitarist/vocalist Jim Healey bringing an aggressive but still accessible vibe to the tracks.

Seasons of Might works in a similar vein, but sets a more accomplished balance within each song itself. The band — Healey (formerly of We’re all Gonna Die), guitarist Scott O’Dowd (also Cortez), bassist Cory Cocomazzi and drummer Jeremy Hemond (also Cortez and Roadsaw) — make a decision to ignore that balance and go full-on metal with the near-blasting third track, “Doors to Nowhere,” but on opening duo “Blood Dust” and “Start a War” especially, they’ve found a sonic niche for themselves that isn’t quite as angry as modern metal but neither is it entirely indebted to doom or heavy rock. Most of all, it sounds like Black Thai, which after three years since their last EP is a welcome way for it to turn out.

They round out with the eight-minute “Reasons to Burn,” which tips more toward the doomed, albeit while holding firm to the melodic sensibility shown on the earlier cuts. Seasons of Might was recorded at Mad Oak with Joe Saliba and mixed by Benny Grotto, and the production is as crisp and professional as the songs are engaging, whether it’s O’Dowd tearing into a mournful lead late into “Reasons to Burn” or the full band locking into the thrust of the still-catchy “Start a War,” the burly call-and-response hook of which winds up being one of the highlight moments of the whole release as Healey‘s shouts echo amid the quick turns that almost dare you to keep up.

Black Thai play Stoner Hands of Doom on Sunday, Nov. 10, with Wizard Eye, Kin of Ettins, Lord and many more at Strange Matter in Richmond, Virginia. Their tour dates, a quote from the band about the EP, and links can be found under “Start a War” on the player below.


Black Thai, “Start a War” from Seasons of Might

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Says Black Thai:

We recorded with Joe Saliba at Mad Oak Studios and he did an absolutely amazing job tracking. Benny Grotto mixed the session and it sounds absolutely pummeling. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Black Thai on Tour:
11/6 Middle East Upstairs – Cambridge, MA with: Cocked N’ Loaded, Goddamn Draculas, Second Grave (Release show / tour kickoff)
11/7 St. Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY with: Gozu, Kings Destroy, Second Grave
11/8 JR’s Bar – South Philadelphia. PA with: Backwoods Payback, Hang-Up to Flat, Skeleton Hands
11/9 The Pinch – Washington DC with: Iron Man, Gozu, Freedom Hawk
11/10 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA Stoner Hands Of Doom
11/11 The Maywood – Raleigh, NC with: Bedowyn, Devil To Pay
11/12 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA with: Volume IV
11/13 TN (TBA)
11/14 Cusumano’s Pizza – St. Louis, MO with: Rowsdower, Heavy Horse, White Fire
11/15 The Melody Inn – Indianapolis, IN with: So Sayeth, Devils Of Belgrade
11/16 The Tree Bar – Columbus, OH with Old City, +2 TBA
11/17 Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar – Buffalo, NY with: Second Trip
11/18 Nectar’s – Burlington, VT (Metal Monday) with: Toxic Holocaust, Ramming Speed, In Defence

Stoner Hands of Doom XIII

Black Thai on Thee Facebooks

Black Thai’s website

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  1. John says:

    Black Thai continues to melt my fucking face…..can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!!!

  2. This band is awesome live, so go see them if you get a chance. I’ll be at the Raleigh show. They’re all super cool dudes too.

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