Friday Full-Length: Atomic Rooster, In Hearing Of

Atomic Rooster, In Hearing Of (1971)

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I wasn’t sure about posting that Dave Wyndorf interview this evening. I mean, it was Friday at like 5:30PM, which is when the White House breaks bad news knowing no one will be paying attention, and I really think that conversation is worth being seen by as many people as possible, but in the end I was too excited about it to hold it back until Monday. That and the transcription took me all afternoon and I didn’t want the whole day to have passed and have nothing to show for it in the immediate. I can’t imagine it makes much of a difference one way or another. Those who are going to see it will see it, everyone else will likely survive. It’s just a cool piece.

The choice I faced today was either review the new Red Fang or post that, but I said I’d have the interview up one way or another, so I wanted to make it happen. Maybe Monday I’ll writeup the Red Fang record. Next week is that Saint Vitus show in Boston, and I know I’ll be reviewing that, as well as the new disc from Iron Man, which I’m late on but still think it’s worth getting a review up. I’ve got a Red Fang interview in the can as well, have been sitting on it for a while, so maybe I’ll get that posted. I was trying to set up an interview with Windhand this week (and last week, for that matter), but it didn’t come together. Maybe it’ll happen, maybe not. Interesting to see the varying nature of cred. I always take things too personally.

If you didn’t, you should really take some time and check out the Domovoyd record that was posted today. It’s a good one, and weird. Svart has been very quietly (also loudly) killing it in bringing forth a wide variety of fascinating releases, whether it’s Domovoyd, Seremonia, In~Graved, Goatess or Hexvessel. Lots of good stuff, and a roster that seems to be continuing to grow — see The Golden Grass, who have a 7″ coming out associated with the label. Wild times.

As ever, was short on time this week, but I tried to make the most of the hours I had. Tomorrow during the day I’ll work to catch up on stuff I missed this afternoon. Whatever you’ve got planned, exciting or dull, I hope you have a great and safe weekend. Hopefully also you’ll get a chance to check in on the forum and the radio stream.

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