Mike Scheidt, Tad Doyle and Aaron Edge Announce New Band Lumbar; Album to be Released on Southern Lord

So you’re telling me that there’s a band walking around that has Mike Scheidt from YOB, Tad frickin’ Doyle from TAD/Brothers of the Sonic Cloth and Roareth alum Aaron Edge playing as a trio? Right now? On this planet? Well I dare say then that this, indeed, is where it’s at.

Southern Lord Recordings is the lucky outlet who gets to issue Lumbar‘s debut LP, The First and Last Days of Unwelcome, in November. Pretty sure Tad recorded, and Brad Boatright of Audiosiege mastered the record. It’s done. It’s coming. This is a real thing. You should be excited about it.

To trace the connections — which I’m sure go back much farther than this — Edge played for a time with Doyle in Brothers of the Sonic Cloth,  and also designed the YOB logo and did the artwork for 2009’s we’re-back-and-we’re-pissed album, The Great Cessation (review here). Doyle also recorded Scheidt‘s solo album, Stay Awake. There’s probably much more to it than that, but what it all rounds out to is a Pacific Northwest stew of churning psychedelic worship and a full-length that plays to the strengths of all three involved. You know you’re getting something heavy and you’re right.

Expect more to come in the days that follow, but for now, check out the album art and the minimal announcement and then sweat it out until we can get some audio from this thing.

Lumbar — The First and Last Days of Unwelcome

A crushing sonic endeavor featuring:
Mike Scheidt + Tad Doyle + Aaron Edge

We (Tad, Mike and Aaron) are proud to announce that our new recording, “The First & Last Days of Unwelcome”, shall be released this November on Southern Lord Recordings. More news when more news is known. Thanx for the support and interest thus far.

Update: Says Scheidt of the project:

“Aaron Edge wrote all of the music and lyrics, I helped with arranging the vocals and also contributed vocals, Tad did vocals and mixed the album. For the most part, this beast is all Aaron Edge and it’s about his struggle with MS. Heavy shit indeed.”


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  1. TVsRoss says:

    Can’t. Fucking. Wait.

  2. Harvey Mee says:

    Holiest Inhaling-mother and brother and sister of this Sonic News which tears me to a million pieces!!!

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