Friday Full-Length: Snail, All Channels are Open EP

Snail, All Channels are Open EP (1994)

Snail released the All Channels are Open EP in 1994 on Big Deal Records to serve as the follow-up to their 1993 self-titled debut full-length (reissue review here). It would be the last outing the former and once again West Coast trio would have prior to calling it quits after demoing songs for an album that wouldn’t greet the riff-worshiping public for another 16 years. That record was 2009’s Blood (review here), and Snail have been going strong since. Their 2012 self-released Terminus CD (review here) was a winner all the way, they played Doom in June this year and are reportedly working on another new long-player perhaps even as I type this. Right on.

I make no bones about being a fan of the band, so when I saw on their Thee Facebooks that they made All Channels are Open a for-cheap download ($3) on the Snail Bandcamp, I took it as an excuse to revisit the druggy five-track outing, which I picked up on CD a while ago but haven’t given nearly as many spins as either of the two recent albums or even the self-titled. Basically, I wanted to end the week with something I knew I liked and saw from them this was up. Here’s what they had to say about it:

Some of you were asking where to get this. We don’t have physical copies but here’s a high-quality download if you’re into it. Otherwise, there are old copies floating around out there, just starting to get expensive due to being out of print. Buy digital and support us instead!

Good stuff. I continue to dig Snail, their unassuming vibe, their fascinating story, their excellent, laid back grooves and even their more aggressive moments, which never quite lose sight of the melody underneath. Looking forward to their new one.

Holy fucking shit. I don’t at all mind saying this was the worst week I’ve had in four years. Even worse than when we didn’t get that house up here because of the fucking gas leak about a month ago — and that was plenty terrible for my tastes. Started out pretty strong with that Truckfighters show on Monday. Then Tuesday I got a note from The Aquarian that they were cutting my already embarrassingly low salary in half because it’s print media and they don’t make any money. I managed to keep most of my income from them, and then on Wednesday, my other job — the website-management thing I’ve been doing for four-plus years that’s been the only job I’ve ever had where I’ve felt the compensation is remotely commensurate for the work put in — pulled the rug out from under me out of the blue. Shitcanned for absolutely no reason. “Blah blah blah corporate buzzwords.” I’ve been “streamlined” more times than I care to fucking count. “Nothing to do with your performance, your work is excellent, but, well, we’ve fucked over everyone else on our staff and it’s your turn. By the way, how about you keep working for us for less than a quarter of what we were paying you before?”

Bottom line is I’m 31 years old. I have made several truly, truly terrible life choices. I’ve made one good one, and that’s The Patient Mrs., but just about everything else, ever, has been shit. And it continues to be shit. I have no idea what I’m going to do for work — because The Aquarian salary isn’t enough to live on in this place that I just signed a lease on three fucking weeks ago — no idea how it’s going to affect this site, no idea of anything. I’m at a complete fucking loss. Tonight I throw my hands up in the air, shake my head and say I simply don’t fucking know. I don’t know.

So yes, this is a week I’m very glad to see come to an end. Whatever happens from here, it can’t possibly get much worse. The only way to go is up. And telling myself that is how I’ll get through without having my skull collapse on itself like a neutron fucking star.

Next week: I wanna review Argus. I don’t know yet what else, but definitely that. Renate/Cordate have waited like five months for a review too, so look for something on them. And there’s a Swedish band called Signo Rojo who I wanted to write about today but ran out of time (I have family in from out of town this weekend and had to get the place ready this afternoon), so look for that Monday. As to the rest, I’ll gladly refer you to the part above where I said I had no idea. I interviewed Brant Bjork the other day. Maybe I’ll put that up. Guess I’m going to have some time to transcribe shit now at least.


Wishing you a great and safe weekend.

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7 Responses to “Friday Full-Length: Snail, All Channels are Open EP”

  1. Lamprey says:

    Damn man, sometimes the b’ar eats you, huh? Something tells me you and the Patient Mrs. will handle it. Here’s to next week being a whole hell of a lot better.

  2. dov teta says:

    good people always rise up above any adversity life throws at em. i’ve been there and continue to battle new punches thrown my way daily….Bottom line, everything works out in the end of for good peeps! that means you!

  3. AntBrown says:

    I’ve been there mate. Back yourself, keep your chin up and shit will work itself out. Take it easy…

  4. Weedian says:

    Greetings from Israel! I’ve been a reader of this website for a couple of years now, but it’s my first comment here, cause I just couldn’t overlook what you wrote. Stay strong, this whole effort of keeping up this project with almost zero profit from it, is a feat of pure strength and willpower, and I’m sure it’ll channel into your other activities, when needed, which will help you overcome the everyday obstacles.
    Keep up the high spirit! Remember there’s people who care about you and the things you do, even if it’s not that self-evident. Good luck!

  5. elie attie says:

    Nice Snail EP, Hang in There man.

  6. goAt says:

    I was all ready to write some selfless words of solidarity until the part about your Brant Bjork interview when my selfishness kicked in-POST IMMEDIATELY. ;)

    Yeah dude, rock n’ roll is the life ruiner-(ruined mine!). You’re REALLY good at this shit, and this too shall pass…I hate money, that’s why I don’t have any!

  7. Tyler says:

    Sorry to hear it man.

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