Friday Full-Length: Free, Free

Free, Free (1969)

A long couple days behind me and a good garlicky meal bubbling around in my belly, I wanted to cap the week with something that had that classic groove all over it, and the 1969 self-titled sophomore outing by Free hit the mark just right. This is one of those records where even the ballad grooves. I dig it. I hope you dig it. I hope if you haven’t heard it in a while or if you’ve never heard it, you take the time to check it out and enjoy, even if you put it on and then go do something else. That’s what I did. I’m doing this.

Right on.

I had thought maybe I’d take next week and try and get on some record reviews that’ve been waiting to get done. I’ve got a whole bunch of albums people have been kind enough to send my way — actually send, not just email — that I want to get written up. Two shows next week though, so probably I won’t get caught up immediately. Monday, I’m gonna go see (and hopefully be fortunate enough to have a photo pass waiting for me to shoot) Black Sabbath at the Comcast Center up here, and then Wednesday will be my first time at the Great Scott. Elder and Second Grave are playing, and I’ve been here for more than a week and it’s high time I got out. I barely left the condo this week. At all. Last night I went to buy some groceries and it was a fucking revelation. All of a sudden, it’s Thursday and I’m going, “Holy shit, I haven’t been anywhere since Saturday.” It was like that.

So clearly I’m still figuring out the balance when it comes to the whole working-from-home thing. Need to give it a while. I’ll get there. I’m most definitely not there yet. Lots of stress, lots of anxiety. Tonight though my plan is to relax, watch the ball game, regroup my brain and come back fighting on Monday. Or if not fighting, at very least not feeling like I’m getting the crap kicked out of me.

And even though I’m going out twice and will have reviews of those shows, I’ll have a full-album stream from Primitive Man on Tuesday and a review of the new Admiral Browning record, which is killer. Maybe another album review too if I can get my head in it.

If you’re still reading this, I hope you have a great and safe weekend. And if you clicked off too, anyway. Go get ’em.

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  1. RalphSanrt says:

    A quantum leap from “Tons Of Sobs”

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