audiObelisk: Stream Electric Moon’s You Can See the Sound Of… EP in its Entirety

I only bought one piece of vinyl at Roadburn this year, and it was Electric Moon‘s You Can See the Sound Of… 10″ EP. The new release comes as ever through their own Sulatron Records — the label helmed by guitarist/swirl creator/engineer Dave “Sula Bassana” Schmidt — and it’s a continuation of the quick-working trio’s drive toward the very heart of psychedelic jamming. Among the slew of live and studio jams that Schmidt and bassist/vocalist Komet Lulu (also responsible for the artwork) have released, You Can See the Sound Of… stands out not only for its synesthetic title, but for the daring cohesion that emerges out of the lysergic course of the EP’s three tracks/22 minutes.

For anyone who’s experienced Electric Moon before — tasted the noise, heard the smells, and so on — You Can See the Sound Of… will be an immediate departure for the amount of vocals the songs contain. Lulu is never quite at the fore in terms of fronting the band, but effects-soaked lines add to the hypnosis of “Your Own Truth” and the more languid B-side “No Escape from Now,” giving the material a sense of personality, so that even though the release is short in comparison to Electric Moon‘s general wont to push a format as far as it will go, there’s a human impression shining through the bright colors of their space rock pulsations, punctuated here by drummer Michael Orloff, since out of the band.

Of course the molten flow of the material should go without saying. Across opener “The Inner Part,” the surprisingly brief “Your Own Truth” and “No Escape from Now,” Electric Moon craft an immersive sound few peers can match, driving and trance-inducing in like measure. And because the tracks of You Can See the Sound Of… so well balance enlightened musical wanderings and the grounding effect vocals inherently have, they seemed to me a perfect starting point for anyone who might not have had the chance yet to be introduced to what Electric Moon do.

A stream seemed in order — all the better for You Can See the Sound Of… being available only on vinyl and only at gigs — and I was fortunate enough that the band granted permission. You’ll find the entirety of sides A and B on the player below. Please enjoy:

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  1. Oli says:

    Was also a record i picked up at Roadburn, and listening to it right now for maybe the second time. It is an incredible record, and was a must buy for me after their awesome performance. (IIRC I actually left towards the end to go sit and have a spliff my feet couldnt hold me up much longer.)

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