audiObelisk: Stream Beast in the Field’s The Sacred Above, the Sacred Below in its Entirety

Last week, I put up a rather lengthy post extolling the virtues of The Sacred Above, the Sacred Below, the recently-released fifth album by Michigan bludgeon-your-brains-in instrumental guitar/drum duo Beast in the Field. That semi-review was, in itself, drawn from another about buying one of the band’s earlier records, and the most immediate response I got to it was, “Where can I hear it?”

A totally valid question in this age of hear-now-buy-now digital media, and I didn’t have an answer for it. Beast in the Field put out The Sacred Above, the Sacred Below on CD through Saw Her Ghost Records in March, but as I hadn’t seen much of anything in terms of streams or YouTube clips to spread around, it seemed a solid course of action to step up and see if the label would be kind enough to let me host the record for me to check out.

I consider myself lucky they said yes, since although I do plenty of streams around here, there are far fewer instances in which I’m directly reaching out and asking to host something strictly because I believe it deserves to be heard by as many ears as possible. Of course, if I don’t think something is worth checking out, I won’t cover it at all, but in the case of Beast in the Field‘s The Sacred Above, the Sacred Below, it’s something I stand behind recommending and I hope you give it the opportunity to cleave your skull with its jet-landing tonality and tectonic crashes, because contrary to what you might think from that image, you’re gonna frickin’ love it.

Enjoy The Sacred Above, the Sacred Below in its entirety:

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

Special thanks to Saw Her Ghost Records for the permission to host the stream. The Sacred Above, the Sacred Below is available now from them on CD, with a vinyl release coming soon via Emetic Records. Beast in the Field is Jordan Pries on guitar and Jamie Jahr on drums, and the album was recorded Oct. 19-20, 2012, produced by the band, Johnny Hiwatt and Tommy Schichtel with mixing by the latter two and engineering and tape operation by Schichtel.

Beast in the Field on Thee Facebooks

Saw Her Ghost Records

Emetic Records

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  1. Heddbuzz says:

    I hope you continue to promote this awesome duo. And I wondered why Saw Her Ghost hadn’t put out the vinyl yet. That’s where I got 3 previous records. Happy to see Emetic is taking the reigns on this one, though I really loved the truly unique packages and designs from Saw Her Ghost.

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