Full-Length Friday: Deep Purple’s Machine Head Classic Albums Documentary

Deep Purple‘s Machine Head Classic Albums documentary isn’t quite as much of a classic as the album itself, but it’s getting there. Whatever else may fall to either side, this is one thing you can genuinely say Deep Purple did better than Black Sabbath, whose Paranoid Classic Albums DVD paled in comparison to Machine Head. From Ian Gillan trying to intellectualize lyrics about banging whores to Ritchie Blackmore taking us deep inside the fingering technique of “Smoke on the Water” in his castle, to Roger Glover, well, being awesome, if you look at it on the level of Monty Python-esque absurdity, it’s even more fun to watch.

With a new Deep Purple record on the way this April (the countdown is on), and the fact that the tracks on Machine Head rule blah blah blah, I figured it’d be a fun and a bit of a different way to end the week. I’m still a bit under the weather, but was back at the office today unlike yesterday, when I worked from home. My understanding though is I’m not the only one sick. That time of year around these parts.

By way of a last-minute plug, if you’re in Philly, you should go to Clamfight‘s CD release party tonight at Kung Fu Necktie. They’ve got copies of I vs. the Glacier that they’re selling on the cheap, and Kings Destroy will also be there, playing material off their forthcoming album, which I don’t think I’m allowed to say the title of yet so I won’t. Anyway, it’s a great show, if I could be there, I would, and you should go an tell me about it later so I can live vicariously through your exploits.

Fun stuff to come next week. We’re about a hair away from another reviewsplosion as I continue to feel overwhelmed by the pile of stuff waiting to be written up, but in the meantime, we’ll do another Duuude, Tapes!, I was gifted a very special piece of Buried Treasure this week and I’ll write on that, and we’ll have more updates as the Clamfight presales get ready to go out, plus reviews of Wheelfall, Fire to Fields and others. I’ll also be updating The Obelisk Radio through the weekend, so keep your eye out for new adds there and we’ll have a new Add of the Week next week and more good fun to come.

As for tonight, it’s my mother’s birthday, so family times abound and I plan on dedicating as much time as possible over the next couple days to recuperation, and by that I mean staying in my pajamas, listening to records and playing Final Fantasy IV on The Patient Mrs. iPad. I don’t have a vision of Utopia, but if I did, that might be it.

Whatever your plans or health status, I hope you have a great and safe weekend. I’ll be checking in on the forum too and hope to see you there  — talk just started about the forthcoming Clutch record, so that rules — and we’ll be back here as usual on Monday, sinus congestion or no.

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