Video Premiere: Devil to Pay’s “This Train Won’t Stop” from New 7″ and Forthcoming LP

Indianapolis-based Devil to Pay have a new 7″ out on GloryHole Records. The songs “This Train Won’t Stop” and “Tie One On” give a preview of what we can expect on the doom rocking foursome’s Ripple Music debut, due early in 2013, and in following Devil to Pay‘s third album, Heavily Ever After (2009), they show the considerable growth that guitarist/vocalist Steve Janiak, guitarist Rob Hough, bassist Matt Stokes and drummer Chad Prifogle have undertaken in the last three-plus years. As a first single, “This Train Won’t Stop” shows Devil to Pay at their most vocally and musically melodically capable, writing strong hooks and still leaving room to weird out a bit within the song.

And when it comes to weirding out, the video for “This Train Won’t Stop” makes an excellent companion piece to the track, rife as it is with footage of trains, vintage booty-shaking (is there any other kind?) and live footage of Devil to Pay rocking out on their East Coast tour this fall that took them along the East Coast and up to SHoD XII in New London, CT, where they put on the best show I’ve yet seen from them. Glad to see Janiak‘s vocal development, which was so evident from the stage, has also carried over into Devil to Pay‘s studio work.

Next week (maybe the week after) when I run down my list of records to watch for in 2013, their full-length will for sure be on it, but in the meantime, I’ve got the pleasure of premiering the video for “This Train Won’t Stop” today for all your Mayan apocalypse celebrations/disappointments. Check it out, followed by some PR wire-type background below:

Just in time to see the end of the world… or baktun, as it were, Devil To Pay has released a 7” single through indie GloryHole Records, and now, an accompanying video of side A, “This Train Won’t Stop.” Filmed live in New York City, Pittsburgh, Columbus, OH, New London, CT., and their hometown of Indianapolis, the moderately NSFW video captures the band rockin’ out while the world collapses in chaos, footage of old trains and burlesque dancers. Filmed by photographer Kris Arnold and the mysterious “Stativ,” the video was edited by guitarist/vocalist Steve Janiak, who had this to say about the song:

“’This Train Won’t Stop’ was my answer to these Mayan ‘end of the world’ prophecy pushers. Not only did the Maya never actually say anything of the sort, but the only monument that mentioned the date in question (in Tortuguero) was broken and couldn’t even be deciphered all the way. It’s ridiculous.”

“The lyrics basically poke fun at the very idea.” Janiak continues, “I guess if you think the world will end, you could probably make that happen, for yourself. But personally, I still have things to do!”

“The ‘train’ in the song basically is a metaphor for consciousness, energy, experience, and reality.”

The video is being released on the last day of the Mayan calendar baktun on December 21st, 2012 and is available only at The Obelisk.  Both songs were recorded at Azmyth Studios in Indianapolis with Ryan Adkins and mastered by T. Dallas Reed at HeavyHead Studios.

“This Train Won’t Stop” w/ b-side “Tie One On” is available now through GloryHole Records ( , and the two songs will be featured on the band’s new full-length CD, which will be available through Ripple Music in early 2013.

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9 Responses to “Video Premiere: Devil to Pay’s “This Train Won’t Stop” from New 7″ and Forthcoming LP”

  1. Ian Gerber says:

    Total COC territory. Regardless, this track rules.

  2. jim peoni says:

    This band is awesome! So is the record. You cant beat them LIVE!!

  3. Dana L Edwards says:

    loved it,you guys…you guys sound so tight,and I just love the son”this train won’t stop”…good luck,but you really don’t need it,you got this,man!!!

  4. Salem says:

    Wow!! what a rocker–great video really captures the energy from this band

  5. Corey says:

    KILLER! Great job fellas!

  6. Chuck says:

    Toot,Toot. Nice jamm.

  7. Connie says:

    Awesome tune fellows!!! Keep it up!!

  8. Dragon says:

    One of the greatest American rock “secrets” going!

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