Orthodox B-Sides Collection Due Out Jan. 28

Card-carrying lifers in doom’s avant garde, Spanish outfit Orthodox will issue Conoce los Caminos on Jan. 28 through Alone Records. Orthodox already re-released their 2005 demo earlier this year on tape, but the pressing was limited to 152 copies and presumably they’ll make more than that of Conoce los Caminos. Hopefully, anyhow. Either way, the new collection is up for pre-order now, as the PR wire informs:

Orthodox is set to launch their new B-sides and rarities compilation “Conoce los Caminos: 2005-2010? [translation: Know the Paths] due on January 28th 2013.

For limited time and only through our website you can PRE-ORDER this 2CD + official release T-shirt. This compilation shows the band’s amazing ability to build bridges and overcome genre barriers from metal to post rock to avant garde with firm hand towards an “uber-doom” with the unmistakable stamp of Orthodox.

Songs composed over five years, from their beginnings to 2010, which include: four previously unreleased tracks, demos from Gran Poder and Sentencia, Venom and Black Sabbath covers released at the time by Southern Lord in the U.S. and two songs taken from their 7 ” released by Doomentia.

Borja, the drummer, states about this work “it´s a sample of topics and ideas that we have done in the past and keep haunting us for the future … all the stories are closed in themselves; with this 2CD we seek to give a little more meaning to ours and see if we can expand Orthodox´s circle of sound …”.


1 ‘Matse Avatar’
2 ‘YHVH’
3 ‘Genocide’
4 ‘Black Sabbath’
5 ‘Heritage’
6 ‘Apoc, 17.5’
7 ‘Different Envelopes’
8 ‘Japan Rush’

1 ‘Geryon´s Throne’ (demo 2005)
2 ‘El Lamento del Cabrón’ (demo 2005)
3 ‘Ascensión’ (demo 2008)

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