audiObelisk: The Devil Premiere “Alternative Dimensions” from Self-Titled Debut

Shrouded figuratively and literally, multinational outfit The Devil will issue their Candlelight Records self-titled debut on Nov. 20. The masked band are committed to mystery even to the point of remaining instrumental, letting various samples do the talking for them throughout The Devil‘s 13 component tracks, which vary some in approach but stick largely to a cinematic style touching on the dramas of ’90s Euro doom.

The band was picked up by Candlelight after their singles “Universe” and “Extinction Level Event” went viral and received accolades from across the cult-minded underground, and sure enough, the appeal of The Devil‘s The Devil is plain to see — perhaps as much related to aesthetic and their presentation as to the music itself, but nonetheless tapping musically into a niche that’s largely unexplored in modern doom’s scope. No doubt the album will garner comparisons to Sweden’s Ghost for the look and Satanic theme, but where Ghost ultimately is an exercise in pop construction, The Devil are chasing something more nefarious in terms of sound.

Today I’m glad to have received permission to premiere the track “Alternative Dimensions” from the album. It’s the penultimate cut and one of the heaviest on the record, with atmospheric synth washes and quotes from Carl Jung and others. You’ll find it on the player below, followed by some background on the track courtesy of the band.

Please enjoy:

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The Devil on “Alternative Dimensions”:

“Alternative Dimensions” is one of the heavier pieces on The Devil album and deals with some heavy subject matter. Human evolution has taken a turn in the wrong direction and become very distracted from it’s true purpose. Humanity is suffering from a collective amnesia, we have forgotten our origins and we have forgotten what we really are. Human beings in the modern age use only 10% capacity of the mind. Imagine the potential if humans were to unlock the remaining 90% power of the mind. There is significant scientific evidence that supports the hypothesis that consciousness can exist independently of the physical body. If that is the case, then this entire physical reality we have come to believe is real… is just an illusion.

The self-titled debut from The Devil will be released Nov. 20 on Candlelight Records. Thanks to the label for letting me host the premiere. For more on the band, check out their website or the label’s website.

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