Frydee Acrimony

Yeah, I know I’ve closed out with Acrimony before, but I’ve decided to do a UK special next week, and as Acrimony were one of the best British stoner rock bands ever, I figured I could hardly go wrong. The clip above is for “Million Year Summer” from 1997’s Tumuli Shroomaroom. Great stuff that still sounds great 15 years later.

What exactly does a “UK special” entail? Well, for starters, the four or five reviews I do will all be of British bands. At very least, I’ll have Alunah, Groan, Litmus and Blut writeups. The kind souls in Undersmile also signed on to do a Six Dumb Questions feature, and I’ll hopefully have that before the end of the week, and I’ve been granted permission to stream the recent Black Magician release, so I’ll have that in as well. Toss in some On the Radars, maybe a Debate Rages and a Buried Treasure and you’ve got yourself a British special.

Of course, if there’s news or something like that that’s not about a UK band, I’ll have that too, but I thought it would be a fun thing to do since there’s so much happening over there right now. As always, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I’ve got a couple email interviews to bang out this weekend, including one to Colour Haze in which I hope to have Stefan Koglek catalog the various hindrances to the release of their new album, She Said, so stay tuned for that maybe the week after this one coming. While I’m thinking about that record, thanks to everyone who took the time to read that review the other day. At the time, it was the longest review I ever wrote and probably the most detailed as well, so if you read it, I hope it was at least useful. If you missed the news that the CD of She Said is available, you can get it through Elektrohasch now.

And the reason I said “at the time” is because it was the longest and most detailed review I ever wrote… until today. It took me more than six hours to put together that Neurosis review for Honor Found in Decay this afternoon, but I genuinely felt it was worth the time and the attention and I hope that, whatever else came across, that did. One of those two will end up being my pick for album of the year, I have no doubt, but it’s going to come down to the wire as to which it actually is.

There’s a while before I have to pick and I’m thankful for that. In the meantime, I’ll try my best to bang out some work this weekend and get a little decompression time in if I can, maybe watch a little Star Trek tonight, sleep late tomorrow. I hope that works out.

And wherever you are and whatever you’ve got going, I hope you have a great and safe weekend. I’ll be kicking around on the forum zapping spambots and so forth, so if you’ve got a minute, feel free to say hey. See you there and back here on Monday for the start of that UK special and all kinds of riffly shenanigans.

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