Giveaway: Win a Copy of Royal Thunder’s CVI; Band Announces Tour with Pallbearer and Samothrace

Last week, it was announced that Atlanta, Georgia’s heavy rocking upstarts Royal Thunder — who are so hard to pin to a single genre that one has to resort to vague phrases like “heavy rock upstarts” to describe them — were hitting the road in September alongside Pallbearer and Samothrace for a tour dubbed “Paths to Oblivion.” No other way to say it, these are three killer bands, riding at the top of their game — all of whom have released killer albums this year (Samothrace‘s is out shortly) — and this is the kind of tour that years from now you look back on and say, “I saw these bands when…”

Check out the dates on the poster below (click to enlarge):

To mark the occasion, Relapse Records — which put out Royal Thunder‘s second album, CVI, late in May — has offered up two free copies of that full-length for me to giveaway.

Couldn’t be more stoked on that fact, as CVI‘s always-consistent but resoundingly amorphous sonic scope ties the band no more to Baroness than it does to Neurosis, no more to Mastodon than Fleetwood Mac, no more to Kylesa than Alice in Chains. Between sprawling nine-minute epics like “Shake and Shift” and “Blue,” aggressive bursts like that of the riffy “Whispering World,” the Americana atmospherics of the later “Minus” and the nigh-on-miraculous flow of all these elements which in less capable hands would be disparate and not in the slightest cohesive, it’s a perfect example of the genre-bending mindset that seems to be driving the next generation of US Heavy. Makes a good freebie, in other words.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post. Make sure to fill out the email address in the form so I can get in touch with you if you win. I’ll pick winners next week and the albums will come from Relapse. If you want to say thanks, I’d recommend hitting up their Thee Facebooks.

For a refresher on CVI, here’s the album streaming in its entirety, courtesy of the Royal Thunder Bandcamp page:

Royal Thunder is Mlny ParsonzLee Smith, Josh Weaver and Josh Coleman. They’re on Thee Facebooks here.

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50 Responses to “Giveaway: Win a Copy of Royal Thunder’s CVI; Band Announces Tour with Pallbearer and Samothrace”

  1. Matt Scherer says:

    Great looking tour. I saw Royal Thunder play live just a couple weeks ago. Did not disappoint at all, and that was even with their guitar player being sick.

  2. I would love a copy of their cd. Can’t wait to see this show in Brooklyn!

  3. Gregg Bender says:

    Definitely looking forward to seeing all three bands roll through Columbus, OH on 9/13.

  4. karl says:

    im down for this

  5. Subscribed the their Bandcamp feed. Gonna give the album another listen today!

  6. J says:

    Sweet! Thanks dudes.

  7. Jeremy Waller says:

    Really wish this tour was coming to Florida. Great lineup!

  8. Nahum posada says:

    The first time I saw Royal Thunder I was sooo stoned, and they blew my mind. They became one my favorite bands instantly.

  9. James Ham says:

    Everyone needs to hear this, not a soul needs this now more than me!

  10. Hristo Krassimirov says:

    Awesome album!!! The best upstarts along with Christian Mistress!!!!!

  11. My band Bult played with them in Fort Worth TX on our first ever US tour in March 2010. They were awesome and cought my attention right away! We traded CDs and I’ve been a fan ever since.

  12. Jason Beter says:

    Royal Thunder is one of my favorite bands to come around in quite some time. I am definitely going to catch the show in Columbus.

  13. Brian Kirkmeyer says:

    Read about Royal Thunder in Decibel and have been meaning to give them a try. The sample above confirms that this is a good idea. Thanks for the contest!

  14. Jonathan Webb says:

    Can’t wait for the Boston show!

  15. Aleksandar says:

    I want it

  16. Jeremy Getzandanner says:

    I was pretty blown away when I first listened to this. I listened to it several times around the time that it came out, but I haven’t listened to it since. I need to get on that.

  17. Marina says:

    Awesome album! Wish they would come to play in South America. Ugh!

  18. Marina says:

    Great album! Wish they would come to play in South America. Ugh!

  19. Mark-Patrick Döring says:

    I want that copy so bad! And hope to see them in germany soon!! B-)

  20. trevor walsh says:

    saw them in Chicago last time around, can’t wait for this one. what a fantastic lineup all around, too. i worshipped “Life’s Trade”, looking forward to the new Samothrace big time.

  21. Mike T says:

    Just heard this band recently and became in instant fan.

  22. Ever since I first heard “Mouth Of Fire” on a Relapse Sampler, I’m totally in love with Mlny’s voice!
    Hope to see them in Germany sometime.

  23. BLAKE says:

    I absolutely love the music coming out of Savannah, GA. ‘Sleeping Witch’ sends chills down my spine every time!

  24. Joshua Chadwick says:

    I’d love for them to come to the UK, I started listening to them a while ago after reading someone else liked them in Metal Hammer and haven’t stopped since. They’re a great band and I need to get CVI!

  25. Jeff Marzullo says:

    Catching this tour sept. 3rd in brooklyn, would be lovely to know what I’m getting into.

  26. Tread says:

    Great band and the album jams..

  27. Mike Tedone says:

    Like a bunch of others, I was totally hooked on “Mouth of Fire”. I’m hoping for big things from these guys in the future.

  28. Recluse says:

    Sounds intriguing… I’d love a copy and for them to play a show in Florida.:)

  29. Daniel R says:

    Great music! Would like to see you in Norway some day.

  30. isaacnm says:

    great band,their first ep was gorgeous…

  31. Dave Higgins says:

    A truly magnificent band, hope they get over to the U.K sometime soon.

  32. lazylady says:

    Royal Thunder do real magic – the magic that can’t be closed in one music genre, you can call them vintage, stoner, sludge, southern…whatever you want but it won’t fit because this music floats somewhere above all these limits – liked the ep, but ‘CVI’ just ate me alive, it’s just perfect. I was so sad to hear the news about the guitarist’s health problem, hope everything is ok now and one day RT will play in our part of Europe too!

  33. StevhanTI says:

    I truly hope they would come to Europe too. CVI is such an amazing record and I bet the band’s intensity live is head melting. Oh and please pick me ;-)

  34. AresOnasis says:

    great album

  35. Chody says:

    Saw RT in seattle so awesome! Mlny is amazing :O

  36. Andri says:

    I highly doubt they’ll be touring South America soon… what a shame. Can’t wait to see what they’ll be doing next though!

  37. Tom Bailey says:

    you know they complained that new bands weren’t being picked up for ages but maybe that’s just because they weren’t this good…

  38. francois says:

    great fucking line-up…just come to montreal canada

  39. Tristan says:

    Yay. Entered. Rock

  40. Alexander Cascante says:

    Great band, great album. Greetings from Costa Rica!

  41. Justin Russell says:

    I wanna see them live, right now

  42. goAt says:

    Got trashed at their recent show in Allston…I felt bad for the singer and wanted to give her a hug because she sang like her soul was on fire. Glad I never found her in the crowd after cuz she woulda decked me.

  43. Jordan says:

    Sick tour, wish it would come up to Canada

  44. lucAs says:

    One of the most interesting bands of last years. Their album rocks!

  45. Amanda Darer says:

    Sounds like an awesome package. I’ve been getting into both Royal Thunder and Pallbearer lately.

  46. Brian says:

    Really pumped the tour is hitting MD, would love to snag a copy of the album in advance!

  47. Tim says:

    Hells Yeah, Royal Thunder kicked ass when I saw them a month or so ago, wish this tour was coming to the west coast.

  48. Joe says:

    One of the best albums this year, love Parsonz’s voice.

  49. Ryan Reed says:

    Great band. Fantastic album. Would love a copy of the CD. Will be picking it up anyway, but a free one would be sweet! Excited to see where this band goes next! Fan-f@*&ing-tastic!

  50. Bruce says:

    Dust, wind, dude!! Pallbearer Rules!

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