2012 Adventure, Pt. 5: Don’t Ignore the Signs

04/07/12 — 11.09 GMT — Saturday — Hotel

That’s not all the meds/upkeep products I brought with me, but it’s most of them. Two kinds of Mucinex, anticipating a cold that hasn’t yet but probably still will materialize, Zyrtec and prescription Singulair for allergies, Advil for hangovers, headaches and whatever else, and no shortage of antacids — Tums, some generic Wallgreens chewables and a packet of Prilosec (purchased before I realized Larry the Cable Guy is doing commercials for them).

Hey, it’s a rock and roll lifestyle. This is what happens when you get old in it.

I’ll admit to being overly cautious, excessive, etc., but last year I was sick the whole time I was in Europe and unable to do a damn thing about it. If it meant bringing the entire pharmacy with me in 2012 — and apparently it did — so be it. I wasn’t going through that again. Already the Advil has proved useful.

The alarm went off a couple minutes ago, but it was moot, as I’ve been up for about an hour already, catching up on some work from back home, futzing about this and that. I stink. Literally. I’ve got “stoner rock funk” wafting off my person and wow, it’s time for a shower and some clean clothes. The fest starts up at 14.10 (yeah, that’s right, we’re on the 24-hour clock) with Deville doing an acoustic set that I’d like to see, and then it’s onward to Roadsaw, Sungrazer, Alunah, Dopefight, Black Pyramid, and so on. I’m not sure how or if I’m going to see everything I want to see tonight — Church of Misery, Orange Goblin and Truckfighters make for a pretty enticing headlining trio at the Underworld — but it’ll be fun to try.

But first: scrubdown. As pleasant and calming a start to the day as this Against Nature record has been, it’s time to get moving.


2 Responses to “2012 Adventure, Pt. 5: Don’t Ignore the Signs”

  1. Brian says:

    I’m staying in at the Purple Turtle all day today, I’ve seen OG and Church too many times!

  2. Jordi says:

    Great reviews! Keep it up and don’t get sick, looking forward to your 14/04/2012 The Obsessed pictures! Howdy!

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