Sleep’ing in on a Saturday Morning

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Before I go, however, the first part of this week coming I anticipate will be pure madness. Nonetheless, I’ve still got a bunch of stuff coming up, like the March numbers, a stream of the new album from Mangoo, the second “Spine of Overkill” column from Chris “Woody High” MacDermott, and more. I want to get a review up of the new Ufomammut record before I leave, but with work, I don’t know if I’ll have time to give it its due attention and I don’t want to half-ass it. Hopefully that comes together Monday or Tuesday. Wednesdays are pretty much a wash lately at the office as far as actually getting anything done goes.

But among the kickass elements that made yesterday so righteous was an interview conducted with Dave Chandler of Saint Vitus about their recently-reviewed new album, Lillie: F-65, and I want to get that posted at some point reasonably soon — maybe while I’m away, depending on my time and travel trajectory between Desertfest and Roadburn. In any case, it’s something to look forward to for April coming up. We’ll talk more about the month when the March numbers go up on Monday.

Until then, thanks to everyone for checking in this week, and thanks especially to the 136 commenters who entered the High on Fire giveaway. So far I’ve got two of the three winners who’ve emailed me back. If I don’t hear from the third by Monday, I’ll probably just pick someone else, so if you haven’t gotten a note from me, there’s still a shot before next week starts up. For now, though, I’m heading back to bed, or at least to the couch, to try and rest up on this rainy as hell Saturday. Maybe later I’ll watch some Star Trek and check in on the forum about it, but otherwise, I wish you a great and safe weekend. Enjoy, and we’ll see you back here Monday for the busiest week ever.

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6 Responses to “Sleep’ing in on a Saturday Morning”

  1. Cosmic Nod says:

    Great way to start a weekend! What are the chances of Sleep doing a tour of the US after their Europe venture in May? They must tour the homeland! If so, I hope they play some some east coast venues, or I might be hopping on a plane to witness them. It’s essential…

  2. don s says:

    i deleted a bunch of e mails by accident the other day, any chance I won the HOF cd? just hoping!

  3. saturnine says:

    Someone did right by that video!

  4. Ryno says:

    Awesome video. Awesome song. But I REALLY want to know what the personal triumph was. Only because I am looking to get through some of my own. And I’m having a hard time. If it’s a personal thing…like you finally took a crap after being constipated for 4 days, I don’t want to know the details. But if its creative, or financial, or physical…like you pulled off 10 pull-ups without a hernia, i think it would be okay to share.

    Maybe not.

    Either way, thank you for posting this. And thanks for keeping it alive. I almost feel like you should charge a subscription for all the good shit that comes off this blog. Please don’t. I couldn’t afford it.

    • It was just a work thing that I thought would be too long an explanation to really go into, plus I kind of figured I’d be the only one who saw the value in it, so I didn’t want to go into it. Sorry to be vague like that, but I don’t really like talking about work here (I don’t really like talking about it at work either, if I’m honest), but yeah, it was nothing major, just something I was glad to have completed.

      Believe me though, if I could do 10 pull-ups without a hernia, I’d have a 900-word report on it, with video.

      Anyway, I didn’t mean for it to sound like there was some big mystery. I went back and took that line out of the post, and I’m sorry for unintentionally leading you or anyone else on.

  5. Ryno says:

    Haha…no worries at all. I was actually being nosey. Good to keep the work stuff at work and the other stuff here, where it belongs.

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