EXCLUSIVE Video and Audio Premiere: Ufomammut’s “Empireum” from Oro – Opus Primum

Today I have the distinct pleasure and honor to unveil the first full-song audio and accompanying video from Italian space-doom masters Ufomammut‘s Neurot Recordings debut, Oro – Opus Primum. The track, dubbed “Empireum,” is the opener and longest cut of the album and sets the stage for the first of the two massive chapters in the Oro saga with just under 14 minutes of unbridled tension and impossible-seeming build.

As the title suggests, Opus Primum is the first part of the overall work, and likewise, “Empireum” is the first part of the first part, so you have to understand, what you’re hearing over the course of these 14 minutes is the beginning of the beginning. The song has a cycle of its own, and stands on its own as does the whole album, but Ufomammut‘s ambitions — which have developed as much as their sound has progressed over the course of the band’s six prior full-lengths, including 2010’s single-song 44-minute onslaught, Eve (review here) — are bigger with Oro than any single part, or even the whole of Opus Primum can convey.

So as you listen, and as the all-consuming tonal morass of “Empireum” begins to wrap itself around you, please know that it’s just the opening movement of what Ufomammut have in store on Oro – Opus Primum, and that even that is only half the incredible tale they’re telling — the second part of which will be revealed later this year with Oro – Opus Alter.

With this in mind, I humbly submit “Empireum” and the unsettling visuals crafted specifically for it:

Special thanks to the band, to Earsplit PR and to Neurot Recordings for allowing me to host this first premiere. It means more to me than I can say and I consider it a validation of the work I put in on this site. Really. Thank you.

Ufomammut is comprised of guitarist Poia, bassist/vocalist Urlo (also synth) and drummer Vita. Oro – Opus Primum is set for release April 13 on Neurot Recordings, with Oro – Opus Alter to follow later in 2012. For more from Ufomammut, check out their website, find them on Thee Facebooks, or hit up the label’s site here.

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7 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE Video and Audio Premiere: Ufomammut’s “Empireum” from Oro – Opus Primum

  1. I’m just gonna leave this on repeat all day, if that’s ok with you.

  2. me says:

    Any info on the visuals continuing on for the full length of the record?They sort of felt like an intro in their own right.

  3. saturnine says:

    That last second sounded like it was about to get really, really loud.

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