Jucifer Announce Pre-Roadburn Shows

Leave it to a band like Jucifer to say, “Well, we’ve got four nights to kill, let’s tour!” The nomadic amp-wall duo quite literally live on the road, so that they’d be doing a couple dates leading up to their Roadburn appearance isn’t really a surprise, but they make a nice bonus for anyone who was heading out to see Orange Goblin and Grifter in Manchester or Black Sun is Glasgow.

The shows are presented by Future Noise and The Sleeping Shaman. Here are the dates, with the month after the day, for that extra European flavour:

Future Noise, in association with The Sleeping Shaman are proud to announce the now confirmed dates for the nomadic due Jucifer prior to playing Roadburn 2012 with special guests Bastard of the Skies.

The April tour dates are:
09/04 Stairway, Glasgow, Scotland w/ Black Sun
10/04 The Well, Leeds, England
11/04 Sound Control, Manchester, England w/ Orange Goblin & Grifter
13/04 La Zone, Liege, Belgium w/ Ultraphallus

We were hoping to have a southern date on the 12th, but due to being let down last minute, the date has been withdrawn until we get a confirmed replacement, so if anyone thinks they can help, please do contact Future Noise.

Future Noise will also be releasing a limited cassette of Nadir to coincide with the tour which will be available direct from the band, any leftover copies will then be available to purchase online, more news to follow soon.


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  1. richard says:

    I saw Jucifer for the first time on MDF in 2010. I was totally blown away and bought everything avalable at their merch stand. Since then I’ve hunted down every vinyl and CD video release. I totally love it. It’s not music, it’s an experience and their concerts are pure performance art. Awesome!

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