Mars Red Sky Coming to the US

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The thing about it is April 23, 2019 dissertation proposal help, essays for sale, see this heres, professional essay writers, write my assignment Comments Off on which line models the data points better and why The Patient Mrs. is going to be in Portland, Oregon, the same weekend as the band.

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On the other hand, though — Mars Red Sky. In Portland. A band I’ve never seen in a place I’ve never been and a show I’ll probably remember as long as I have a memory to remember it with, and probably the chance to do some excellent record shopping and have something cool to write about. I could literally see Truckfighters one weekend and Mars Red Sky the next.

I’m open to any advice on this one. While we all mull it over, here’s a clip of Mars Red Sky playing in Kiev:

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4 Responses to “Mars Red Sky Coming to the US”

  1. Lamprey says:

    Dude. Come to Portland- MRS are playing with Ancient Warlocks, who absolutely RULE live. Plus, you’ll likely meet half of the P-town bands you write about, and Lamprey will happily guide you on a tour of our city’s excellent record stores. And bars.

  2. Matt S says:

    Oh snap, will definitely be at the Seattle date

  3. Paulg says:

    Damn, If I was back in Texas I could go see them!

  4. Scott 313 says:

    Hit Portland. Its the right thing to do, and it’s for the good of the nation.

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