Sonic Flower, Sonic Flower: The Only Coming

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Production-wise, Sonic Flower’s Sonic Flower has plenty in common with what Church of Misery were doing at that time, which is expected. Joining Tatsu in the band were guitarists Takenori Hoshi (ex-Church of Misery) and Arisa, and drummer Keisuke Fukawa (now ex-G.A.T.E.S.), who’d later be replaced by Church of Misery’s Junji “J.J.” Narita. In 2003, Church of Misery released their split with British stoner heavyweights Acrimony, and the following year saw their ultra-blown-out The Second Coming released, so Sonic Flower’s overall sound is right at home between the two. Keisuke’s cymbals are nowhere near as prominent in the mix as were Junji’s on The Second Coming, and the lack of vocals gives the guitars space to breathe and fill the void with harmonic interplay and soloing. The songs are built around and follow the riffs exclusively, with Tatsu adding funky flourishes in fills between cycles of “Black Sunshine” before the song moves into and out of spacey freakouts and revives its bluesy stomp. It’s a solid 25-plus minutes of grooving, and Sonic Flower didn’t seem to have anything more in mind than that; the unabashed stoner rockness of it being half the appeal. Church of Misery’s singularity of focus on serial killers is absent here, but many of the same musical influences persist – Tatsu being principle songwriter, it stands to reason – and even the closing Don Nix cover “Going Down” is inflected with heady distortion and well-fitting rhythmic heft.

“Indian Summer” into “Going Down” feels a bit like Sonic Flower are doing variations on a theme, but the latter is probably the stronger, the band taking Nix’s original 12-bar structure and beefing it up with persistent bass drum and dueling guitar and bass solos. It makes it that much more of a shame that Sonic Flower never did anything else beyond this EP, as it would’ve been cool to hear them go back – and if Church of Misery’s penchant for covers is anything to go by, you could imagine they probably would have – and further mine the reaches of blues or Southern rock for material to reinterpret, and also maybe on a full-length tempered some of the heavy groove of these tracks with psychedelic interludes or something of that sort. In any case, it’s hard to feel wistful while Takenori and Arisa are layering wah-driven leads on “Sonic Flower,” however much the quieter beginning of “Indian Summer” might speak to what could’ve been had the side-project continued, since the song and so much of the EP around it seems unrelenting in its forward motion. Newcomers to Church of Misery’s discography will probably find Sonic Flower fits pretty well alongside what that band has become – madman vocals aside – but it’s important to realize how much this EP may have played a role in making that the case. As ever, Tatsu is a master of writing heavy riffs, and in setting a different context for that than some of his followers might be used to, Sonic Flower remains both a fascinating curio for diehards and a cool listen on its own terms.

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  1. Jon says:

    i didn’t even get a shot at the vinyl. this blows…

  2. Jeff Latawiec says:

    Pretty neat…pretty good…

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