Mundee Deathspell Omega

I rolled into the office a little bit ago like, as a friend once put it, “a bag of bashed assholes.” I don’t even know what that actually means, but it somehow fits the utterly demolished feeling of this morning. If e’er I was a warrior, this was the weekend for it, and as I sat here, thinking I’d put on Sungrazer or something else peaceful to start off the week on a quiet note, the self-punishment instinct kicked in, emasculated me by calling me a vulgar word for ladyparts, and hit the Deathspell Omega. So here we are.

Being the Enslaved fan I am, and having only a vague, dabbler’s interest in black metal, I feel like I have my quota for the progressive end of the genre filled, and so I haven’t delved into bands like Deathspell Omega and Blut Aus Nord as much as I should have. I figure there’s time. Either way, the nine-minute madness of “Devouring Famine/Apokatastasis Pantôn” is like the cup of coffee I’m too tired/lazy to actually get up and get.

It was three shows in a row over the last three nights — Friday was Cortez/Mighty High in Brooklyn, Saturday was The Atomic Bitchwax/Black Cobra/The Sword/Kyuss Lives! in Jersey, and last night was The Body/Zoroaster/Black Cobra in Brooklyn — and over the next three days, I’ll have reviews of each, plus pictures. Because that’s how I roll. A warrior on the weekend. There should be some kind of clever phrase for that.

This week is also special because I’ll have a Q&A posted with Tony Reed. Now, if you’re paying attention, you’re probably thinking, “WTF, mate? Isn’t Tony Reed the dude from HeavyPink? Nepotism!” You’re not wrong. Tony Reed is in HeavyPink and I put out the HeavyPink 7″ on The Maple Forum — but, it just so happens that Tony Reed engineered the recording of the new Saint Vitus album, which is due in March, and in the interview, instead of talking about his own musical projects, we talked exclusively about his time in the studio with Wino, Dave Chandler, Mark Adams and Henry Vasquez. A chance to speak to the cat who put the first Vitus record since 1995 to tape? You’re fucking right I’m running that.

Getting posted tomorrow is also a track from cult doomers Uzala, and that’s definitely worth sticking around for, as is the inevitable album review from Dala Sun to come later in the week. I’ll get to those live reviews first, though, and depending on if I have it in me Thursday night to hit up Pilgrim at the St. Vitus Bar, I might have that review on Friday.

Thanks to everyone who has thus far left a comment on the Top 20 list, especially the depth of insight offered by critiques such as, “what a shitty list.” Always glad to foster a discussion.

Hope you had a great and safe weekend. See you back here in a couple minutes.

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  1. Mr Red says:

    A great track from DSO!

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