Wino Wednesday: In the Pepper Garden

It's Wino Wednesday!I’ve been waiting for this one. This week’s Wino Wednesday clip comes courtesy of the bonus footage to the heavy rock documentary Such Hawks, Such Hounds. It’s basically a six-minute interview with Scott “Wino” Weinrich, who talks in his pepper garden about getting clean and sober and putting his life together, “settling down” (as much as someone who constantly tours and puts out albums with new projects can do such a thing) and starting a family.

Such Hawks, Such Hounds came out in 2008, so this isn’t exactly the most current info (in the interview we did back in February, Wino talked about being separated from his wife), but it’s a cool insight into the spirit and motivations of the man, which I expect is why the people behind the movie felt compelled to include it in the DVD extras to start with.

We’ll get back on with the music next week, but for now, hope you enjoy this on your Wino Wednesday:

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