Top Five of the First Half of 2011: Intro

This being the third year in a row I’ve down a Top Five of the First Half countdown, and the name being so damn obvious as to the idea behind it, I’m not going to take a lot of time on the introduction here. I basically just wanted to let it be known in case anyone missed the previous notes that from now through next week, The Obelisk will be counting down the top five albums of the year so far, and that, as ever, it’s kind of a lighthearted list, basically just an excuse to point out a couple killer records that came out between January and now.

But this is always something I dig doing, and I hope that if you have a list of your own, or some agreement or disagreement, you’ll chime in with it as we go along, since that’s more than half the fun. At any point, if you want to see what’s on the Top Five of the First Half, you can do a search for TFFH11 in the sidebar, or find the posts with that tag. They’ll all have it, and we’ll get started with number five in just a bit…


One Response to “Top Five of the First Half of 2011: Intro”

  1. UKGuy says:

    I’ll tell you my #1 now. No contest:

    “The Octopus” by Amplifier.

    Fantastic album (e.g.

    Looking forward to seeing what your’s is. I’ll leave my other favorites for later.

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