Lavagoat, Lavagoat: Metal up Your Doom

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But they are heavy. Whatever road they take to get there, Lavagoat don’t ever lose sight of the metal side of stoner metal, even working a section of crushing riffs into “Magma” and a scathing solo into the building instrumental part collection “Interstellar Deserts Azathoth” – perhaps the most aptly-named track on Lavagoat for its varying moods. The aforementioned “Old Man and the Sea” and middle-album slice “The House” find the band at their most metallic, the latter playing off it with a kind of self-aware use of pig screaming (that could be a sample, or it could be guest vocalist Simon Braun). That said, “Rome,” which starts out more ethereally doomed, later boasts death growls amid one of the most Leviathan-derived riffs Lavagoat here concoct – so it’s not necessarily just a case of compartmentalizing the band’s heaviness into this track or that – the metal can show up anywhere. When it does, it’s well met by Lavagoat’s stoner side, “The Witch” meeting the aftermath of “Rome” head on and complementing it with thick groove and a heathen lyrical schematic.

They’re not the first to have this blend of influences – even among Canadian outfits, there are several who’ve put the Mastodonic riff to their own purpose – but Lavagoat do it well and the occasional far-back reverbed solo or element out of traditional doom goes a long way. Even the gallop propelling closer “Cursed Emperor” (another excellent performance from Graham on drums) is leant an individual air by the context of what’s surrounding it, and Lavagoat’s Lavagoat turns out to be a much more engaging and complex collection than a superficial glance would indicate. As someone who came to doom via metal, I find Lavagoat’s craft to satisfy an impulse toward sonic extremity without being too over-the-top in terms of either technicality or pretense. And the touch of Lee Dorrian sub-melodic vocals is an excellent way to change up the monotony that might otherwise take hold of the record. I imagine (and a quick trip to YouTube confirms) that the metallic aspects of Lavagoat’s approach come out even more in a live setting, but they give a worthy showing of it on record as well.

I’d hardly call it refined, and they still have much to do to grow into their tonal largess, but Lavagoat have gotten off to the always-welcome “good start.” With a second platter reportedly in the works and/or complete under the title Monoliths of Mars, Lavagoat will hopefully be able to develop some of the ideas from these eight tracks into a sound even heavier, even more their own. Until then, the remorseless pounding Lavagoat hands out is destined to be fodder for repeat listens.

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