April 2011 Numbers: Coming Down with Spring Fever

I knew the April numbers would be down from March. It’s getting warmer, people are on the computer less, and as we’re still up by nearly 10 times what we did in April last year, I’m not at all about to start complaining. Thank you all for reading and for commenting, registering on the forums, lurking, whatever. It all makes a difference, and I mean it.

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There were hits from Uganda, Kenya, Uruguay, Senegal, the city of Shanghai, one from Afghanistan, one from Mongolia, one from Uzbekistan, and over 4,000 from the UK. Yes, the UK beat out the major urban metropolis less than 25 minutes from where I’m sitting. Go figure.

Lots to talk about and I’m short on time, so here goes:

Reviews: Can we talk seriously for a second? Does anyone read the reviews on this site other than the bands involved? It’s okay to say they’re too long, or they’re too wordy, I can take it. I’m starting to wonder if they need to be toned down. I don’t want people to go all glassy-eyed every day when I start a post with an album cover. That’s not what I’m shooting for here. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, if you’d be so kind, and in case you’re keeping track, I’m about 35 reviews in the hole, which is better than last month’s 40. By about five.

Features: Well, Justin Broadrick of Jesu/Godflesh is this week, and at some point after I write up the questions I’ll have an email interview with artist David D’Andrea, as well as Six Dumb Questions with Nether Regions, and there are a few other things in the works. I’ve had horrible luck in doing so in the past (I’m not even going to give you the link), but I’m trying to set up a chat with someone from Orange Goblin about their return to American shores, so we’ll see how that goes, and I want to get Lo-Pan and Sourvein going too over the next couple weeks, so stay tuned. Now that the spring semester is over, I’ll hopefully have a little more time to set these things up so I don’t get so backlogged like I have been.

The Maple Forum: As previously reported, I’m expecting the Blackwolfgoat CDs this Wednesday, and I very much look forward to their arrival. I haven’t talked to the Clamfight dudes in a couple weeks (it was kind of nuts leading up to the end of the term, doubly so with the Roadburn trip), but so far as I know they’re scheduled to start recording soon, so I’ll have updates on that as well. Kings Destroy are going to be playing this month with Orange Goblin and Naam in NYC at Santos Party House, and although I’m sold out of it, you can get their album, And the Rest Will Surely Perish from the band here, or at All That is Heavy at this location. Like all the best things in life, it is cheap and wonderful.

audiObelisk: I’ve been doing more single-track stuff, and that seems to be going decently well. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying it. This month’s podcast, now off the frontpage (download it here or by clicking the banner in the sidebar on the right), has surpassed in a week what the last one did in more than a month, so that’s a cool sign. Glad people are listening to that, as it’s pretty much a day’s worth of work to make. But fun, like all this crap.

Roadburn: No news here, but I wanted to take a second to reiterate my appreciation to everyone who took the time to read the posts from Roadburn in The Netherlands this past month. If you missed it, all the posts are here, but if you already saw the writeups and the pics, thank you again for bothering to look it up at all. I had a blast over there once again and hope to make it over in 2012, but you never know what a year will bring, and either way, it means a lot to me to know someone other than The Patient Mrs. and two other people saw it. Not that it doesn’t mean a lot that The Patient Mrs. and those two other people did, but you know what I’m saying. Extra special thanks to Walter one more time.

I guess that’s pretty much what I have to say to everyone too. Thanks. I don’t mind admitting that this spring semester — even more than the fall one, which I didn’t think would be possible — demolished my sorry ass. Seriously, it was not pretty. I’ve got to head to my last class of the term in about 10 minutes though, and it occurs to me just how much The Obelisk is what I wake up for every day. Yeah, I have to be at work, yeah, I have to be at school (obligations of my own doing, and I don’t want to seem like I’m complaining about either, because I’ve got it pretty good as regards both), but it’s the chance to write and gradually shape this site over time into what it’s become that I really consider to be most pivotal, and you should know you’re a huge part of that. A much bigger part than I am.

So yeah, thanks again. All my best to you as spring turns to summer, and whether you’re inside on the computer or outside living what I’ve heard referred to as “real life,” I hope all is well on your end and that if I can be of any service one way or another, you’ll please let me know.

Much appreciated,
JJ Koczan
Half-Timbered Protestant Taskmaster

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11 Responses to “April 2011 Numbers: Coming Down with Spring Fever”

  1. As a close reader of your reviews, I would say, keep up the good work. Somehow I read them and figure out if it’s my kind of brandy and check the band. Lo-Pan latest I wouldn’t have checked out if it wasn’t for your glowing review so thank you.


  2. Gaia says:

    (hmmm comment didn’t show first time)

    To be honest, it was your reviews which made me look at my own review writing. I don’t really go in for the detailed description of each song angle, people can listen to the tunes themselves, but I understand it’s the general feel of the record. The good times shared between the making of the record and the listening of the record. Keep at it.

    Also I loved the Where to start posts, if you could do one on the US psych scene, that’d be sweet.

  3. Coby says:

    I love your in depth reviews. It’s great to know where bands are from. What other records they have and if a tour is under way etc… Keep up the good work!

  4. Lamprey says:

    Keep those wordy reviews coming! So many gems would have flown right under my radar if you hadn’t piqued my curiosity. Sometimes you need to hear/read the name of a producer or what kind of cabs a band uses to know what you’re getting into. Your attention to detail on everything from band dynamics to production values is much appreciated.

  5. marthablatt says:

    You’re no proddy.

  6. Jake says:

    They are a bit long for me personally. I typically read the first two paragraphs and the last paragraph then just check out a song. I rarely read the whole thing. I do still regularly discover bands from your reviews, though.

  7. PissTits says:

    TL;DR – Good job though. Don’t dog on your reviews. Besides the interviews, that’s the only reason I come here. Especially live reviews. Chin up.

  8. Paul says:

    Your reviews are excellent JJ. You actually take the time to listen to the music before you review it. This site is probably my best source for new sounds to check out. Please keep up the good work and ‘real’ quality reviews, its what sets this site apart and its very much appreciated.

  9. C. says:

    Your reviews are entirely worth while. I read just about everything you post.

  10. Yessir. We want your reviews. So BACK TO WORK!!

    Kidding. Seriously, I love this site and your reviews. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.

  11. Chris says:

    Keep them reviews aflowing…. ! Whatever’s reviewed here’s is gonna be mint and need listen to so only can wish my wallet was so stacked! Keep up the fab work.

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