New Doomraiser Due Out May 13

I’ve got a boatload of press releases to catch up on since I’ve been away, and the first is from Italian doomers Doomraiser, letting it be known that their new album, Mountains of Madness, will be out next month. I don’t think there’s been a true-doom fest in Europe in the last three years that these guys haven’t played, so fans of the dark and heavy should definitely keep an eye and ear out for this one.

The PR wire relieves itself:

Born out of an obsession with and a tribute to doom and occult psych rock, Italy’s Doomraiser builds their altar to the heavy bands of yesteryear and today, fusing doom metal, psychedelic rock and acid roll. They combine the doom of Black Sabbath, Pentagram and Goatsnake with a psychedelic touch and a ‘70s progressive rock charm into a very tasty concoction.

On one hand, the new album acknowledges previous recordings… On the other hand, there have been some significant changes which have given birth to yet another new sound. Mountains of Madness is an unholy invocation of gritty, sprawling psycho doom. Five tracks that will bring you to the total freaked-out madness.

Mountains of Madness track listing:
1. Mountains of Madness
2. Phoenix
3. Re-Connect
4. Vampires of the Sun
5. Like a Ghost

Mountains of Madness will be available on CD and LP via Bloodrock Records/Black Widow Records on May 13.

Additionally, Doomraiser have also just confirmed a release party to unveil the material on Mountains of Madness to the public. The live ritual is on May 27 at Init Club, Rome. Opening bands the amazing space doom travelers Ira Del Baccano and the occult groovy doom crushers Misantropus.

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