Roadburn 2011 Adventure Pt. 3: All Day Long I Think of Things…

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He did this kind of combination Native American war whoop and toughguy posturing thing, and at several intervals told the audience – the main room of online contemporary essays who can help with writing a business plan Online masters of art education thesis architectural thesis 013 – to “bring it.” Honestly, I think most people were afraid to. The folk dude in the skinnyjeans kicked everyone’s ass. Go figure.

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I have my handy pocket schedule, and according to that, the day kicked off with follow site - commit your dissertation to qualified writers working in the service Enjoy the benefits of expert writing help available here Alcest in the main room, and though I vaguely recall breathy French post-black metal, it seems so long ago now I can hardly stand it. We offer the Need Help Writing A Speech & assignment help in UK. Our assignment writers are always there to help you out in your academic work. Niege’s vocals were flat. There, I said it. Other than that, the band sounded really good. It was an odd sequence of first bands – Looking for affordable and reliable weblinks? See how we can help writing a thesis and what other services we offer! Pick the one you need and Alcest in the main room, ScamFighter's rating of Writing A Business Plan For Dummies Pdfs based on the offered prices. It helps college students find the best services to trust. Quest for Fire in the Bat Cave, and Year of No Light in the Green Room. Both the Green Room and the Bat Cave were packed, the latter so much so that I couldn’t even get in to see Quest for Fire, which I’d been very much looking forward to.  I stood on a bench outside the door and took a couple pictures, but basically had to keep moving. There wasn’t any room to stand.

Whether or not it was the right decision, I don’t know, but I sacrificed seeing Zoroaster in order to catch Acid King and retro-spookies Ghost, and I have no problem admitting that. Acid King were ultra-heavy, as you’d have to expect, and Ghost not only pulled off every move they make on their Opus Eponymous debut, but they did it while bringing to life a killer stage show. Not easily done. If it was, more people would do it.

I was in and out of the photo pit most of the afternoon. I took shots of everything I saw, and I did some shopping over at the merch area. There’s still Godflesh, The Atomic Bitchwax and Count Raven to go tonight, and since my eyes are starting to close as I type this – I slept for an hour on the plane here and that was it – that was also a day ago – I don’t know when I’ll get to posting again, either tonight or tomorrow. I also did the “fall asleep sitting up” thing upstairs waiting for Wovenhand to go on, and I’m dreaming every time I close my eyes, so I’m gonna wrap it up for now and head back over to the 013, see if I can get some caffeine in me. It’s the responsible decision.

More pics after the jump. Click to enlarge any of the images here.


Year of No Light

Quest for Fire

Acid King




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8 Responses to “Roadburn 2011 Adventure Pt. 3: All Day Long I Think of Things…”

  1. Head Ov Metal says:

    Great coverage!

    Did you manage to catch Wardruna?

  2. Press on brave fighter! Press on!

  3. poundsy says:

    Very good job on the coverage man ! Been looking forward to reading these updates. Keep up the awesome posts and rest will make you alive again! Get some

  4. zebudo says:

    Go on my son! Do it for all us weary dads who are putting our wee bairns to be instead of rockin’ to the riddim!

  5. HeavyEar says:

    Supreme – thanks for the coverage and pics, H.P.!

  6. zebudo says:

    PS. From yer photos I cain’t decide who is scariest: the Ghost or Bobby L. Or they one and the same dude? At least Bobby’s records are never dull.

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  8. Stavros Nikos says:

    There’s a fan-shot Roadburn 2011 channel on Vimeo:

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